Colorado Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs Radium Hot Springs Radium Hot Springs
Take I-70 west to Highway 40. Take HWY-40 to Kremmling. Turn left on HWY-9, go 2 miles to Trough Springs Rd, turn right. Go about 12 miles to a jeep road on the right. Follow the jeep road about a mile to an overlook of the river. Climb down to the river and walk up stream a short ways to hot spring. It is located below a large rock outcrop. Radium Springs is a single warm pool, temperature around 90 degrees, that is on the banks of the Colorado river just a few miles south of the town of Radium. This spring sits at the base of a 60 foot cliff that thrill seekers often jump off of into the Colorado river. Then youíll swim right over to the 20 foot diameter hot pool and warm up. Easiest access is to actually float down the Colorado on a raft or kayak to access it that way. Itís a 20 minute walk on foot and an even more dangerous and gnarly drive in a 4 by 4. The water here is pretty fantastic and someone years ago piled rocks in the form of an oval to create a large natural hot tub right on the river.