Instead of driving up Big Cottonwood Canyon, drive south past 7-Elevan and take the first left at 7535-S onto Prospector Drive heading southeast. Take the second left onto Timberline Drive, and the trailhead will be on your right. The trail leads up to a water tower and into the canyon. After crossing the stream a few times the trail will start to climb along some switchbacks. This hike is more popular for the rock climbing. There is no camping or camp fires allowed, and the canyon is closed from 10pm-6am.

Heriman Foothills
The Herriman singletrack trail sytem project began in 2013 and provides over 20 miles of trail with connections to Rose Canyon, Butterfield Canyon, and continuing to the south along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Blackridge Reservoir


From 13600-S turn south onto Rosecrest Rd (5600-W). Turn right on Sun Bloom Ln (5305-W), left onto Emmeline Dr (14590-S), and right onto Ashland Ridge Dr (5220-W) which will take you to the reservoir. This reservoir is used for swimming, and has a sandy beach with a path that circles the reservoir. There is no fishing allowed, and pets are allowed just not on the beach or in the reservoir.

Blackridge Trail-5 Miles RT

This trail starts at the west end of the parking lot for Blackridge Reservoir. There is a wooden sign marking the start of the trailhead. This trail takes you uphill for 1.5 miles before reaching the ridge, from here keep right at the fork and the trail will descend north taking you between homes for a 1/2 a mile. From here you can return the way you came or find your way through the neighborhood back to the reservoir.

Other Trails
-Blazing Saddles
-Firebreak Trail
-Juniper Crest Loop

Jordan River Parkway

There are several access locations along the river. 18th North & Redwood Road, 10th North & Redwood Road, 3rd North & Redwood Road, Take North Temple west, and turn right onto Redwood Road. Turn right on 300 North to the parking lot near the river. Park at Raging Water at 1700 South and 1200 West. (3)James Madison Trailhead is on the south side of 3300-S just east of 1200-W. There are a few overlooks you can fish at also, but not very much room for casting. Arrowhead Park is at 4800-S & 593-W. Germania Park is on 5242-S & 970-W. This park has a large field of grass for the dogs to run. Dogs are required to be on a leash on the pathway. Walden Park is at 5425-S & 1070-W. Parking Lot at 5820-S & 1080-W. From I-15 exit 285, head south on State Street. Continue another mile and turn west onto 1500 North to the trailhead in 3 more miles. From I-15 exit 281, drive west on 700-S. After 4 miles turn south on 9550-W. Continue another 1.25 miles head west on 7200 North to reach the trailhead in a mile. This river flows north 37 miles from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake. You can also fish from the bank wherever you wish all year long. The river contains bullhead catfish, channel catfish, rainbow trout, white bass, and walleye.

Thanksgiving Point Trail
From Redwood Road head west on UT-85/W 2100 N for 1.9 miles then turn left onto N 2300 W for .1 mile, turn left onto W 2150 N for 150 feet, turn right onto N 2350 W for .3 mile, then left onto Cottonwood Dr for .2 mile to reach the parking lot of Thanksgiving Point Trailhead.

Lee Kay Center Pond

From 2100-South turn north onto 5600-West. Turn left at California Ave, drive west 1 mile past the loop exit to the entrance. The ponds are on the south side of the road. Turn left into the entrance with the brown welcome sign. Lee Kay Ponds are a series of freshwater ponds near the Salt Lake County Solid Waste Facility in northwestern Salt Lake County with facilities for wildlife watchers. The auto loop road is open year-round, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

Legacy Parkway

The Legacy Parkway Trail is a asphalt paved trail, Starting at the north end at Farmington Front Runner Station. And ending on the south end at I-215 and 2100 North in North Salt Lake. The LPT(Leagacy Parkway Trail) is the longest continuous paved trail in Northern Utah, 14 miles.

Here is a list of directions to gain access to the parkway.
-Farmington Front Runner Station TrailHead On the north end you pick up the LPT at the north west corner of the parking lot of the Farmington Front Runner Station. GPS (40 59 17.56 N 111 54 20.87W)
-Farmington TrailHead at 250S 450W-GPS (40 58 33.5 N 111 53 51.4W)
-Farmington/Glovers Ln and 350W
-West Bountiful-Birnam Woods Trailhead-900w 24oos-GPS (40 55 01.9 N 111 54 07.8W)
-West Bountiful-Pages Lane(1600w) and 1300w-GPS (40 54 26.3 N 111 54 57.6W)
-West Bountiful-MillCreek Neighborhood Trailhead-1200N 1525W-GPS (40 54 05.6 N 111 55 27.4W)
-Woods Cross-2425 South Trailhead-GPS (40 51 51.6 N 111 56 29.4W)
-North Salt Lake City-Center Street Trailhead-GPS (40 50 30.3 N 111 56 29.6W)
-End of Trail-GPS (40 49 53.9 N 111 56 33.1W)-Trail from this point is a dirt path next to the Jordan River for about 1/2 mile to Redwood Rd.

Living Room

2 miles RT : N.40.45.556-W.111.49.281
From I-215 take exit 1 or exit 129 off I-80, and continue north on Foothill Drive for 3.1 miles to Wakara Way. Turn right and travel .7 miles to the Red Butte Garden entrance. Turn right on Colorow Drive just before the garden, and continue .2 miles to the trailhead on the left side of the street. The trail takes you up a ways to the main dirt road that gives you access to various other trails along the foothills. From here just take the main trail that heads east into the canyon and stay on the most traveled path which will lead you to the Living Room. After hiking on a slight uphill for a mile you'll reach the end of the trail and the Living Room which is furnished with sandstone chairs and offers a great view of the Salt Lake Valley.

Lone Peak Park

From I-15 head south and take exit 295 and turn left onto 90th-South. Continue east for 1.5 miles then turn right onto 700-East. Head south for another 1.4 miles to 10120-S and the park will be to your right. There is a paved path around the entire park with playgrounds, soccer fields, baseball fields, and a skate park.

Millrace Pond

This pond is at the Taylorsville Park located just east of Redwood Road and 5400-S. just turn north at 1200-W from 5400-S and the pond is northeast from the parking lot of the dog park.

Mt. Olympus

7 Miles RT : GPS-N.40.39.075-W.111.48.386
From I-215 take exit 6, and turn right onto 6200-S Cottonwood Canyon Rd-SR 190. Turn left at the second light onto Wasatch Blvd. Head north for 1.6 miles to the trailhead on the right (east) side of the road. The trail pretty much goes up-hill for 3.50 miles to the south summit. You cross a stream and several switchbacks.

Oquirrh Lake

From Bangerter turn west at 11400-S and drive till you reach the lake on the right hand side of the road. The best fishing spots are near the southwest end of the lake near the marina docks. There are several different species of fish in the lake, but rainbow are the most common.

Orson Smith Trailhead

From 12300-S & 7th-E, go south to Pioneer Road, turn east to 2000-E, turn right and park in the parking lot to the left of the road. The trailhead gives you access to Corner Canyon, Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Cherry Canyon Trail, Little Willow Trail & Trail of the Eagle.

Parley's Nature Park

From I-80 take exit-127 just east of Sugarhouse, 2300-E/Holladay, and take the second left onto 2760-S/Heritage Way. Follow this road east for about a mile to Tanner Park on your left. The trail heads to the east from the parking lot towards Parley's Canyon. Once your down the hill there will be a sign where you can have your dog run leash-free. There's a stream that runs through the area giving your dogs a place to swim and get a drink with numerous trails that spur off the main path with Historical Landmarks.

Potato Hill

.6 Mile
From I-15 take the Bluffdale exit and turn east heading towards Highland Drive. At the light at the top of the hill, turn right onto Traverse Mountain Road. After a mile, pass Mike Weir Drive on your left. The trailhead/Parking lot will be on your left. This is a short spur trail that connects the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to Ann's Trail. Ann's Trail will lead you to Peak View trailhead, giving you access to Rush, Brock's, or Jacob's Ladder.

Red Butte Canyon

From Foothill Dr. turn onto Wakara Way, left on Chipeta Way, right onto Stover St. which will turn into Red Butte Canyon Rd., and park at the gate. Follow the gravel road for .25 mile to a gate where access is restricted to Red Butte Reservoir. From here you can find other trails leading off to the north or south.

Red Butte Garden Trail

4 Miles RT
From I-15 take exit 600-South, head east to 700-East and turn left to 400-south and turn right. Drive east and turn left onto Wakara Way that will lead you to the entrance and parking lot of the garden. Go through the visitor center and there is a usage fee. Once in the garden there are several walkways, and a children area that provides caves, and a playground. The path that heads west from the playground leads you to Oak Tunnel Trail and Zekes Trail. There are numerous spur trails leading off from Zekes Trail. Pets and biking are not allowed in the garden.

Riverton Pond

From Bangerter turn north onto 2700-W and turn left at 13640-S. Drive west for .5 mile and turn south at 3160-W, and a right at 13680-S to Old Farm Park and the reservoir is south from the parking lot. Went fishing here a couple months after being stocked and didn't catch anything. I could see schools of huge catfish swimming all over though.

Rocky Mouth Canyon

The Rocky Mouth Canyon Trailhead is located in Sandy, Utah. There is a small signed parking area on the east side of the road at 11300 South Wasatch Boulevard.

The Rocky Mouth Canyon Trail is signed and easy to follow. The trail leads to a spectacular Waterfall through a short slot canyon. The trail follows a neighborhood sidewalk for 1/4 mile and than a maintained dirt trail for 1/4 mile to the waterfall. The trail to the waterfall is a great family stroll and very easy for all ages.

Rose Canyon

From Bangerter head west on 12600-S, and turn left on Rose Canyon Road (6400-W). At the 2nd stop sign turn right and continue up the canyon and park at the turnaround point at 15000-S, 8094-W.

Sandy Urban Fishery

From 90th-South & 900-West head south on Sandy Pkwy and turn right onto 10000-S. Continue down this wavy road and make the first right .25 mile to the parking lot. This is a great place to bring the kids to catch a fish or play on the playground. The pond is somewhat heavily used, stocked with trout & albino trout, and has a fish cleaning station available. You can also go running or biking along the Jordan River west of the park.

Sugarhouse Park

2.3 Miles RT
From I-215 take the 1300-E exit and head north and the park will be on your right. There is a path that winds its way around the perimeter of the park.

Sunset Pond

From 700-E turn east onto Meadowwood Dr (11705-S) to Willowwood and turn south to Mehraban Wetlands. There is a parking lot on the right side of the road. From here follow the path around the wetland and you'll reacha smaller pond that you can walk around on a path with benches before reaching Sunset pond just over the bridge to the northwest. This is a great place to get away from the city whithout even leaving it.

This is the Place-Heritage Park

2601 East Sunnyside Ave-Just north across the street from the Hogle Zoo.

Hours: 10am-5pm Visitor Center: 9am-6pm (mon-sat) 10am-5pm (Sunday)

West Jordan Off-Leash Dog Park

From Bangerter & 9000-S head west for 3 miles then turn right onto New Bingham Hwy for .2 mile, then turn left onto Ron Wood Park Rd. The Park is located just behind the West Jordan Animal Shelter on your right. There is minimal parking here so you might have to park across the street at the baseball field.

Willow Pond

From 70th-S, turn north on 1300-W, and east on Winchester. Turn north at 1190-W (Murray Parkway Ave), and the park will be on your right, after the golf course and I-215. Another route is from 5400-S turn south at 1300-W and east onto Bullion St. Turn south at Murray Parkway Ave., and the park will be on your left. There is plenty of space to walk your dog or go for a jog around the park. The pond has a fish cleaning station and a dock you can fish off of.

Y Mountain

2.4 Miles RT
From I-15 take exit 269, and head east on University Parkway for 5 miles, turn right onto 900 east. Turn left on 820 north and continue east .6 miles, and turn right on Oakcliff Drive .1 mile to a cul-de-sac, turn left onto 940 north for .3 miles up the hill to the trailhead. The trail takes you up to the Y on the mountain east of Brigham Young University.

Yellow Fork Canyon Road

From Bangerter head west on 12600-S, and turn left on Rose Canyon Road (6400-W). At the 2nd stop sign turn right and continue up the canyon and park at the turnaround point at 15000-S, 8094-W. This is a great place to bring your dogs or go snowshoeing in the winter.

Bingham Creek Trail
2.5 Miles RT-Easy

From 9800-S and Bangerter head west on Skye Dr for 1.3 miles and the trailhead and parkinglot will be on your right. This paved path takes you to Teton Estes park if you head east, and West from the parking lot will take you along the Glenmoor Golf Course.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

90 miles one-way connecting Spanish Fork to Ogden
You can gain access to this trail from numerous locations.

-Ogden gains access at the top of 22nd Street behind Rainbow Gardens.

-Bountiful gains access from North Fork of Holmes Creek.

-Salt Lake City Access Points
-This is the Place State Park, climbing up from Sunnyside Avenue to a dirt road leading you to numerous trail options along the Salt Lake Valley.
-Bonneville Dr east of City Creek Canyon Road.
-The avenues above the University of Utah (SLC Foothills).
-From 13th Ave turn north on North Terrace Hills Dr, left on 18th Ave, right on Little Valley Rd, and left on Edgehill Rd to the trailhead.
-From 400-S turn north onto University Street head north and the roads name will change to Virginia Street. Turn left on Chandler Dr, right on Cambridge Way (1300-E), then left on Perry's Hollow Dr (500-N).-N.40.47.149-W.111.51.184
-There is another trailhead just east of Perry's Hollow on Tomahawk Dr.-N.40.47.012-W.111.50.896
-Emigration Canyon Road east of the Pioneer Trails State Park.
-Hidden Valley Park at 11540 South & Wasatch Blvd-N.40.32.396-W.111.48.745.
Follow the paved trail from the east end of the parking lot to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail sign on your left. Once you reach the stream keep heading due south to stay on the main trail.

Butterfield Canyon

Just follow 13600-S west and turn off when the road starts to turn north. This road will take you to the mouth of Butterfield Canyon. Butterfield entrance is blocked off during the winter. It usually opens back up in late May or early June. This is a great place to let your dogs run leash free, but have your leash handy in case there are horseback riders around. The road is paved all the way to the pass and turns into a dirt road, but is still drivable by car. White Pine Loop trail is 3.5 miles RT, and is mainly a biking trail. It is a 1 mile climb to Butterfield Pass. From here you can continue east through Butterfield Canyon, or north that will climb 1.5 miles to the summit with an overlook view of Kennecott Copper Mine. The view of the pit is definitely worth the extra mile. Back at the pass head SW on a wide trail that will turn into a single path and will drop down into White Pine Canyon and turn right for .75 a mile downhill back to the trailhead.

City Creek Trail

12 Miles RT : N.40.47.506-W.111.52.674
Drive east on North Temple and turn north onto B Street. Follow B Street through 11th Ave. to Bonneville Blvd., a one-way street that you follow down to City Creek Canyon in about .5 mile. Turn right at the creek and park before the closed gate. You can also park at the State Capitol and walk NE to Bonneville Blvd. and another mile to the City Creek gate. Another option is to park on Canyon road (North Temple & 120 E) to Memory Grove Park and walk through the park to City Creek. From the gate follow the paved road for 6 miles north to Rotary park where the roadway ends. You can continue on the trail up the canyon by taking the left fork .25 mile and will eventually join the Great Western Trail. Biking is allowed on odd numbered days, and cars for a fee on even numbered days. You can also hike south from the gate all the way down to Memory Grove Park, and there is an off-leash dirt trail for dogs along the creek.

Cove Pond-Heriman Springs-Rose Canyon

From Bangerter head west on 13400-S and turn south onto 6400-W(Rose Canyon Road). Head south and turn right onto 13875-S, continue on Rose Canyon Rd to about 6900-W to the parking lot. This is a great place to take the family and walk the dogs with paved pathways and picnic tables.

Draper City Trails Aqueduct Trail
Burnham Creek Trail

Corner Canyon

From 12300-S & 7th-E, go south to Pioneer Road, turn east to 2000-E, turn right to the parking lot on your left. Park here unless you have a high clearance vehicle where you can drive up this road if the gates are open to the trailhead of Jacobs Ladder to save you almost 2 miles of road. Corner Canyon is mostly popular for biking with several miles of riding, and has numerous trails.

Draper Canal Trail
Equestrian Center Riding Trail
Ghost Falls Trail
Highland Drive Trail
Jacobs Ladder
Lone Peak
Lower Corner Canyon Trail

Porter Rockwell Trail

Easy-10.7 Miles-One-Way

This paved path connects from Pioneer Ave, 160-E to Minuteman Drive which is accessible year-round. You can park at the Draper Park on 1300-E and Pioneer Rd. This well maintained path runs along the TRAX in sections with plenty of water and restrooms along the way.

Sadler Trail
Upper Corner Canyon Road

East River Front Park Fishing Ponds-Kidney Pond-Midas Pond

From 11400-South turn north onto S River Front Parkway for .2 mile to a parking lot on your right. There are three ponds located here, but it still gets pretty packed on the weekends. The ponds sit right along the Jordan River Pathway so there are plenty of other activities other than fishing.

Ensign Peak

1 mile RT : N.40.47.509-W.111.53.294
Go north on State Street to the Capitol Building. Turn right and head north on East Capitol Blvd. , and turn left onto Ensign Vista Drive (1025-N). The monument and trailhead will be on your right. The trail winds around up-hill to a historical point that offers views of the Salt Lake Valley.

Ferguson Canyon

3.5 Miles RT