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Arches National Park
Directions-From I-70 take US 163 south to the park entrance.
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Balanced Rock Trail

.3 mile RT
The trail begins at the Balance Rock Parking Lot.

Courthouse Wash

(1) 6 miles RT : (2) 6.2 miles One-Way
(1) Drive 4.6 miles up from the Arches Entrance to the parking lot. The trail begins in the wash on the east side of the bridge. (2) Drive 12 miles north from the Colorado River Bridge on US 163 to where Courthouse Wash parallels the HWY. (1) This trail follows the wash so you’ll need the right shoes for wading through the water. (2) This hike can be up to 30 miles RT if you start near the Colorado River Bridge. The hike takes you to the Courthouse Towers, colorful cliffs that form massive free standing towers.

Desert Nature Trail

.2 mile Loop
The trail begins at the Bates Wilson Memorial, just next to the visitor center. You can get a Nature Trail Guide and read the sign that tell you about the plants and animals that live in the area.

Delicate Arch

3 miles RT
Drive 11.7 miles from the entrance to the turnoff to Delicate Arch and Wolfe Ranch, and another 1.2 miles to the parking area. The trail crosses over Salt Wash on a suspension bridge. After the bridge you can take a short side trip on the left to a petroglyph. After 1 mile the trail will start to climb a steep rock slope to the arch. You can see Frame Arch to the right.

Devils Garden Trail

5 miles RT
Drive 19 miles from the entrance to the trailhead at the end of the road where it makes a small loop in the Devils Garden area. This hike takes you along different paths to several various arches. After .25 miles the trail splits right to Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arches. The left takes you along the main trail on to Landscape Arch and Double O Arch. After .8 mile from the trailhead you will reach Landscape Arch, the largest free-standing arch in the world. From here the trail takes you along Wall Arch, and in .25 mile a spur trail to the left leads to Partition Arch and Navajo Arch. Back on the main path is another .5 mile to Double O Arch. From here another spur trail heads left to the Dark Angel, or to the right the trail leads toa spur trail after less than a mile turns right to Private Arch. Return to the main trail and continueon and the trail will loop around to the starting point.

Double Arch Trail

.8 mile RT
The trail begins from the Windows Parking Area. Just to the right of the arch will be several caves.

Dry Mesa

Drive toward Wolfe Ranch parking area, but follow the road that forks to the right towards Delicate arch viewpoint. Just before the viewpoint take the 4WD trail to the right to Dry Mesa. The trail follows some canyon washes and there is an old mine cave.

Fiery Furnace

2 miles RT
Stay on the main park road to Fiery Furnace road, and the trail starts at the end of the parking area. This hike winds through a maze of tall sandstone fins hundreds of feet high with arches along the way.

Park Avenue Trail

2 miles RT
Drive 2.5 miles from the entrance station and the parking lot is on the left. You can start at either end of the trail but this starting point is downhill. The hike offers views of Courthouse Towers, Tower of Babel, Organ, and Three Gossips. The trail starts out as a concrete path leading to an overlook 100 yards from the trailhead. From here the trail goes into a slickrock dry wash and will eventually end at the Courthouse Towers Parking area.

Sand Dune Arch Trail

1.5 miles RT
The trail begins at the Broken Arch/Sand Dune Arch Parking Lot. Sand Dune Arch will be on the right side of the trail after .15 mile. Continue on and turn right at the junction, and you will reach Broken Arch in .75 mile. You can also reach Broken Arch from Devils Garden Campground.

Skyline Arch Trail

.4 mile RT
The trail begins at the Skyline Arch Parking lot.

Squaw Park

Turn onto UT 128 at the south end of the Colorado River Bridge and go upriver and cross the Dewey River Bridge and continue for 1 mile and park. East of the Arches National Park winds eastward through canyons for miles to Colorado River then continues along the Dewey River. This 25 miles RT hike will take you past several mines and arches.

Tower Arch/Klondike Bluffs

3.4 miles RT
Drive 16 miles from the entrance and turn left onto Salt Valley Road. Follow the road for 7.1 miles and turn left at the junction with the sign pointing to Klondike Bluffs. This road will end at the Tower Arch trailhead in 1.5 miles, or you can take an advanced 4WD road before the Bluffs road straight to the arch. The trail climbs to the top of the bluff and continues up and down to Tower Arch. Near the end of the trail it will become difficult to wade through the loose sand going uphill to the Arch.

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