Bryce Canyon National Park

Bristlecone Loop Trail

From the Visitor Center, drive 16.8 miles to reach Rainbow Point. The trailhead is on the southeast side of the parking lot. This hike is an easy 1 mile loop with access to Under the Rim Trail.

Fairyland Loop Trail

8 Miles RT
This trail is in the north part of Bryce Amphitheater about 1 mile off the main park road. Go north for .8 mile from the visitor center then east for 1 mile.

Mossy Cave Trail

.8 mile RT
The trailhead is 1.2 miles west of the parks entrance, just off HWY 12 east of the junction with HWY 63. The trail heads up Water Canyon to an alcove of dripping water and moss. The end of the trail branches to the right a short distance to a little waterfall. There are several small arches in the canyon walls above. To the left will lead you to the cave.

Navajo Loop Trail

1.4 mile Loop
the trail starts at Sunset Point. Youíll drop 500 feet in .75 mile through a narrow canyon. At the bottom the loop leads into deep, dark Wall Street, an even narrower canyon .5 a mile long, and along Twin Bridges, and Thorís Hammer.

Peekaboo Loop Trail

5.5 mile Loop
From the Visitor Center drive 1.6 miles to Bryce Point 6.5 miles RT or Sunset Point 5.5 Miles RT via Navajo Loop. The trail begins north of the parking lot of Bryce Point. This hike has several turns and tunnels. The trail will pass through a man-made arch to the Wall of Windows on your right.

Queens Garden Trail

1.5 miles one-way
Drive .4 mile from the Visitor Center to Sunrise Point turnoff. You will pass through several tunnels and will connect with Navajo Loop before reaching Sunset Point.

Riggs Spring Loop Trail

9 Miles RT
This trail begins at Rainbow Point and descends into the canyons in the southern area of the park.

Rim Trail

5.5 miles one-way
The trailhead begins .7 miles past the Visitor Center at Fairyland Point. This easy trail follows the edge of Bryce Amphitheater for 5.5 miles between Fairyland and Bryce Points.


This is the longest trail in the park. Its 22.5 miles below the Pink Cliffs between Bryce Point in the north and Rainbow Point in the south. It will take at least 2 days to hike this trail. You can combine the Under-the-Rim-Trail with Riggs Spring Trail for a total of 31.5 miles RT.