From I-215 take exit 4 and head north on Wasatch Blvd. to 3800-S, and turn east. After .7 mile you’ll reach the fee station. There is a fee per vehicle when you leave the canyon. Salt Lake County requires that dogs must be leashed in the entire canyon on even-numbered days and allowed to be unleashed on odd-numbered days except in developed areas. There are trails that are CLOSED to mountain bikes on ODD numbered calendar days, so plan ahead of time. The gate 4 miles east of the fee station is open from July 1st through November 1st, and is closed to motorized vehicles during the winter season.

Alexander Basin

4.4 Miles RT to Gobblers Knob
Alexander BasinAlexander Basin
Drive 8 miles up the canyon and a sign to the trailhead will be on your right in the parking area. At first the trail is steep, and after a mile you’ll encounter a trail sign with Gobblers Knob just 1.2 miles south from here. The limestone here in the mountain contains fossils, mostly shellfish. From Gobblers Knob the trail continues to Baker Pass and Mount Raymond. You can also gain access from the trail to Mill B North Fork Trail in Big Cottonwood.

Big Water Trail

5 Miles RT
Dog Lake
From the fee station drive 9 miles to where the road ends at the double parking lots. This hike is 2.5 miles to Dog Lake. From the lower parking lot walk .5 mile the GWT Junction will merge into this trail. Cross the footbridge over Big Water Gulch .5 a mile farther. After 1.5 miles you’ll reach the junction of Little Water Trail, just keep to the right. About 1 mile farther you’ll cross Little Water Trail at a 4-way junction. Keep heading straight and then round a right-hand switchback. Once again at another junction, turn left to reach Dog Lake. From here you can take the Desolation trail 2.3 miles to Lake Desolation or just head back to the trailhead.

Bowman Fork Trail

8 Miles RT
Bowman Fork TrailBowman Fork TrailBowman Fork Trail
The trailhead is 4.7 miles up the canyon from Wasatch Blvd. at the Terraces picnic area. This is a great snowshoeing trail in the winter. The trail heads east up a narrow v-shaped canyon and is steep and heavily forested. You can reach Raymond and Gobblers knob in 4 miles one-way, or head over to meet Desolation Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Burch Hollow Trail

5 Miles RT
Burch Hollow TrailBurch Hollow TrailBurch Hollow TrailBurch Hollow Trail
Drive about 4.3 miles up the canyon just past Porter Fork, and it’s on the north side of the road. The trail follows the Pipeline Trail .25 mile left to a junction and turns right along Burch Hollow up the steep and narrow path to the ridge.

Church Fork to Grandeur Peak

5.4 Miles RT
Grandeur PeakGrandeur PeakGrandeur Peak
The trailhead is 2.3 miles from the fee station, or there is another trailhead from the west to Grandeur Peak, at a parking lot with picnic tables on 2900 South, Cascade Way. This trail is only 1.75 miles one-way to the peak. From the trailhead to the top of Grandeur Peak is 2.75 miles one-way. The trail heads northward from the road with several springs that flow alongside of you for .5 mile. The summit offers views of Salt Lake Valley, Great Salt Lake, Parley’s Canyon, Mill Creek Canyon, and Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Desolation Trail

4.8 Miles RT
Desolation TrailDesolation TrailDesolation TrailDesolation Trail
The trailhead is 2.5 miles from the fee station near the Mill Creek Inn. The trailhead begins on the right side of the road to the right of the outhouse. This hike has several switchbacks before reaching the overlook that offers views of the Salt Lake Valley.

Thaynes Canyon Trail

6 miles One-Way down into Neffs Canyon
Thaynes Canyon TrailThaynes Canyon Trail
The trailhead begins at the sign 200 yards up Desolation trail. This trail has a steep climb with very few switchbacks that takes you to the upper divide of Mill Creek and down into Neffs Canyon.

Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon/Mount Aire

3 Miles RT to Mount Aire
Elbow Fork to Lambs CanyonElbow Fork to Lambs Canyon
(Lambs Canyon) From I-80 east take exit 137. The trailhead is 1.5 miles up the canyon on the right side of the road. Drive 6.3 miles up the canyon to the trailhead on the left side of the road. After .25 mile heading north the trail forks left to Mount Aire, and right to Lambs Canyon. Mount Aire trail is up .75 mile to the right and another .75 mile to the peak. The Lambs Canyon Trail follows a stream for a while before reaching the ridge overlooking Mill Creek Canyon. The trail then turns left to the pass of Lambs Canyon. No Dogs are allowed on the Lambs Canyon side.

Little Water Trail

Little Water TrailLittle Water TrailLittle Water TrailFrom the fee station drive 9 miles to where the road ends at the double parking lots. This hike takes off from the upper parking lot and crosses Big Water Trail near the top. It takes 2 miles to reach Dog Lake. Little Water Trail is steep and rough compared to Big Water Trail, but is 1 mile shorter RT.

Mill Creek Canyon Ski Trail

Mill Creek CanyonMill Creek CanyonMill Creek Canyon
In the winter drive to the end of the canyon where there will be a gate blocking access to the rest of the road after November 1st past the Maple Grove Picnic Area 3.8 miles up the canyon. You will have the entire road where you can ski and snowshoe.

Neff's Canyon

3.75 Miles to Thayne Canyon Pass : 4.5 miles to Desolation Trail
Neffs CanyonNeffs Canyon
Drive east on 3800 south towards Mill Creek Canyon. Turn south at the 4-Way stop sign onto Parkview Dr to Parkview Terrace and turn east. The second street heads south leading you to White Park, at the end of the road is the trailhead. Neff's Canyon Trail is a 3.5 mile hike or backcountry ski trail. It begins as an old jeep road and then leads into the Mount Olympus Wilderness Area. Neff's Cave, claimed to be one of the deepest caves in the United States, is also accessible by this trail. However, the cave has been closed due to natural hazards. Written permission is necessary to gain access.

Pipeline Trail

14.4 Miles RT

Follow Mill Creek Canyon 6.4 miles to Elbow Fork Trailhead, about 2 miles past Log Haven Restaurant at the sharp turn in the road next to a dam. The trailhead leaves from the north side of the road and heads west following a buried pipeline. The Pipeline Trail is an easy 6 mile hike that follows the road above on the north slope all the way down the canyon to the overlook that rewards you with great views of the valley. The Pipeline Trail also connects with the Burch Hollow Trail, Church Fork Trail, and Rattlesnake Gulch.

Porter Fork Road

6.5 Miles RT
Porter Fork RoadPorter Fork RoadPorter Fork RoadPorter Fork RoadPorter Fork RoadPorter Fork Road
This trail begins on the right side of the road 4.4 miles up the canyon from Wasatch Blvd. The road goes 1.74 miles south along some cabins, and at the end of the road a trail begins that takes you into Big Cottonwood Canyon. Take the trail heading east to meet with the Desolation Trail, and Mill B North Fork Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This is a great place to snowshoe in the winter while the gate is closed.

Rattlesnake Gulch

1 Mile RT : N.40.41.478-W.111.46.231
Rattlesnake GulchRattlesnake GulchRattlesnake GulchRattlesnake Gulch
Drive .7 mile from the fee station to the trailhead on the north side of the road. The trail heads up-hill and is part of the Pipeline Trail.

Terraces Trail

4.04 Miles RT
Bowman Fork Trail
Drive up Mill Creek Canyon and park at one of the lots next to the Terraces trailhead. Lots are plowed for cars. Cross the bridge to begin your hike to the trailhead. Hike 1/4 mile to the Terraces Picnic Area. From here there will be sign directing to the trailhead. The trail splits at the beginning and you have a choice of taking the Terraces or Bowman Trail. Both are good choices for snowshoeing in this winter wonderland. Terraces is steeper and more exposed to the elements, while the Bowman Trail follows the ravine up Bowman Fork.

Mill Creek Canyon

Mill Creek Canyon Mill Creek Canyon Mill Creek Canyon