Caves in Utah
Moqui Cave
The cave is located in Kanab one block off US 89 at the corner of Main and 100 South. The natural cave has been turned into a tourist attraction with arrowheads, pottery, and burial items on display with a gift shop inside the cave.

Nutty Putty Caves

Directions-From Bangerter drive south on Redwood Road with Utah Lake on your left and turn west, between mile marker 8 & 7. Follow the dirt road 5.5 miles to where there's a large dirt area and turn north. This road splits a few times, but if you stay to the right, you should be fine. Drive a mile or two and cross a cattle guard, then turn immediately east. This road starts you up a hillside within 200' feet. Drive till you think your car can't go any further then park and hike to the top of the hill. The cave begins as a 15' deep hole 20' to the left of the road.

Description-According to the County Search and Rescue the cave has been blocked off after about the first 20 ft on the inside. They were having too many accidents. If you contact GORP in advance you can probably gain access to the entire cave. At the bottom of the initial hole, you experience the first tight squeeze. There could be some water there. The cave immediately opens up a bit, then slide forward another 15' feet to where you can actually stand. Then you have two choices. 1-You can drop down into the most obvious hole, you'll use the ropes and drop into a straightforward hole taking you about 200' feet below the surface. 40' feet back up from the very bottom, crawl through a fairly tight squeeze for two feet, then it grows wider again. 25' feet later, you can crawl into a hole in the ceiling and experience the "Birth Canal." At the end, make an awkward right turn (a common spot for people to get stuck) into a good size cavern. If you want to explore the side tube half way along the worm hole, do so feet first or you'll have a difficult time crawling back up backwards. If you don't drop down but turn left near the entrance, you'll find yourself in the "Maze."

Mines in Utah
American Fork Canyon
Bay State Tunnel-N.40.31.683-W.111.35.643
Centennial Tunnel-N.40.33.181-W.111.36.128
Dutchman Mine-No Longer Exists-N.40.31.714-W.111.36.163
Globe Mines-N.40.32.600-W.111.38.177

Iron Bog Mine-N.40.33.228-W.111.37.111

Midwest Tunnel-N.40.32.497-W.111.37.214
Mineral Flat Tunnels-N.40.33.413-W.111.38.064
Mountain Dell Mine-N.40.32.548-W.111.36.143

Pacific Mine-N.40.32.466-W.111.35.695

Silver Bell Mine-N.40.32.945-W.111.37.976
Smuggler Tunnel-N.40.33.449-W.111.36.514

Sunday Tunnel-N.40.32.945-W.111.37.446

Texan Tunnel-N.40.32.229-W.111.36.493
Wyoming Tunnel-N.40.32.749-W.111.37.446
Yankee Mines-N.40.32.682-W.111.37.879
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Alta Tunnel-N.40.36.730-W.111.37.297
American Tunnel-N.40.37.482-W.111.34.361
Eclipse Mine-N.40.36.148-W.111.38.311
Iowa Copper Tunnel-N.40.37.049-W.111.34.093
Prince of Whales Shaft-N.40.36.313-W.111.36.864
Reed and Benson Mine-N.40.36.215-W.111.38.831
Sampson Mine-N.40.36.514-W.111.38.764
Scottish Chief Mine-N.40.37.363-W.111.34.145
Solitude Tunnel-N.40.36.199-W.111.36.112
Western Monitor Shaft-N.40.37.683-W.111.33.563
Woodlawn Mine-N.40.36.431-W.111.36.596

Butterfield Canyon
Butterfield Tunnel-N.40.29.381-W.112.07.382

Queen Mine-N.40.29.881-W.112.08.582

Utah Metal Company-N.40.29.232-W.112.11.445

Little Cottonwood Canyon
Cardiff Mine-N.40.36.462-W.111.39.094

Mercur, UT



Allah Mine-N.39.50.448-W.112.23.115
Bates Shaft-N.39.50.181-W.112.24.397
Bonanza Mine-N.39.50.448-W.112.23.830
Copper Jack Mine-N.39.54.666-W.112.30.561
Eighty-Eight Shaft-N.39.49.614-W.112.23.995
Flying Ditch Mine-N.39.55.166-W.112.31.097
Great Western King Mine-N.39.51.097-W.112.24.428
Iron King Mine-N.39.50.314-W.112.24.516
Jones Mine-N.39.50.211-W.112.23.815
Lead King Mine-N.39.50.211-W.112.23.815
Murphy Mine-N.39.49.995-W.112.24.464
Orient Mine-N.39.50.598-W.112.24.083
Oro Plata Mine-N.39.50.747-W.112.24.680
Pyramid Mine-N.39.49.666-W.112.22.831
Resurrection Mine-N.39.50.515-W.112.23.861
Scotia Mine-N.39.50.531-W.112.23.413
Sullivan Shaft-N.39.50.181-W.112.24.397
Tintic Western Mine-N.39.50.211-W.112.24.397
Utah Mine-N.39.54.645-W.112.30.680
Walker Shaft-N.39.50.479-W.112.23.563
War Eagle Mine-N.39.50.278-W.112.24.248