Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon Little Cottonwood Canyon
No Dogs are allowed up this canyon-There is a $300 fine.

Albion Basin/Albion Meadows Trail

4 Miles RT
Albion Basin Albion Basin Albion Basin

The trailhead begins from the gate at the end of Little Cottonwood Canyon Road just after you pass Alta Ski Resort. The road is 2 miles on a slight upgrade to Albion Basin Campground. You will have to share the dirt and gravel road with vehicles during the summer. This is also a great place to go snowshoeing in the winter time. Southwest of the campgrounds there will be another trail that you can hike up to Cecret Lake if you have enough energy.

Bells Canyon

7.5 miles RT
Bells Canyon Bells Canyon Bells Canyon Lower Bells Reservoir Lower Bells Reservoir

The trailhead is at 10400 South and Wasatch Blvd. Park on the east side of Wasatch Blvd. The hike is only .5 mile to Lower Bells Reservoir and 3.75 miles one-way to Upper Bells Reservoir. The trail to Upper Bells has sections of steep climbing uphill. This is not a beginner hike.

Cardiff Pass Trail to Superior & Monte Cristo Peak

5.5 Miles RT
Cardiff Pass Trail Cardiff Pass Trail Cardiff Pass Trail Cardiff Pass Trail Cardiff Pass Trail Cardiff Pass Trail

Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon 8.2 miles and park near the Forest Service Garage on the north side of the road. The Forest Service Garage is a across the road from the Alta Lodge. The trailhead can be recognized as a narrow paved road turning to the north around the guard station and to the right. You must park on the main road, because no parking is permitted behind the station. The trail follows the paved road around the police station for a short distance where it then turns into a dirt road. The dirt road continues around a switchback goes passed a sign stating mines in the area and passes an avalanche test site. At this point the trail cuts off to the north, just follow the power line that runs from near the trailhead up to Cardiff Pass. After about .7 mile, climbing nearly 600 feet in elevation, and switching back to the north, the trail comes to a junction. One trail heads north directly towards Flagstaff Mountain, but the trail to Cardiff Pass continues a steady climb to the west/northwest (following the direction of the power line) for .2 miles then switches back to the north for about another .1 mile then levels out and curves to the west/northwest. In about another .3 mile and climbing 300 feet, the trail reaches Cardiff Pass. The route to Superior Peak & Monte Cristo Peak continues along the Cottonwood ridge to the west. The trail climbs over a rocky slope and passes below a small summit on the north slope. It then continues on a relatively level path along the ridge for about .4 mile with amazing views of upper Cardiff Fork to the north and Snowbird to the south. After this the trail becomes much more tricky and steep and the use of hands becomes required at many points. It is in the last .5 mile that the trail climbs nearly 1,000 feet in elevation. It stands about 2.4 miles from the trailhead and 11,052' in elevation. Monte Cristo Peak is about .25 mile west of Superior Peak . Large herds of mountain goats frequently roam the ridges around Superior & Monte Cristo peak.

Catherine Pass

3 Miles RT
Lake Martha Lake Martha Lake Martha

Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon past the Alta ski resort to Albion Basin. It is the first parking area before you come into the Albion Basin Campground area. You will be able to see the trail climbing to the east of the parking lot. The trail does most of the 900 ft. climb to Catherine Pass in the first third of a mile. After passing through the meadows the trail takes a short climb to Catherine Pass at an elevation of 10,240 ft. The trail you are standing on is now part of the Great Western Trail. From Catherine Pass the trail descends into Big Cottonwood Canyon. Another half a mile and you will be hiking past lakes Mary, Martha, and Catherine. The trail does continue on to Brighton ski resort.

Cecret Lake Trail

2.5 Miles RT
Cecret Lake Cecret Lake Cecret Lake Cecret Lake Cecret Lake

Drive straight up Little Cottonwood Canyon all the way to Alta, and up to Albion Basin Campground and park before the entrance fee area, unless you want to camp. The trail begins from the west side of Albion Basin Campground. You'll cross under 2 chair lifts and make a couple switchbacks and you'll be there in no time. You can keep going past the lake and continue up to Devils Peak. There's no swimming at the lake.

Hidden Peak Trail/Peruvian Gulch Trail

Hidden Peak Hidden Peak Hidden Peak Hidden Peak

Park at Snowbird Ski Resort where you can take the tram to the top of Hidden Peak or hike the 3 different dirt roads leading up to it. Taking the tram will give you the advantage of hiking or biking one-way downhill. The trail crosses an open rocky area down to an old mining road down through Peruvian Gulch.

Lisa Falls Trail

.5 Mile RT
Lisa Falls Lisa Falls Lisa Falls

Drive 2.7 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon and park on either side of the road. The trailhead is on the northern side of the road. This is a very short hike to a waterfall hidden in the trees. This is a great place for rock climbing.

Little Cottonwood Trail

5.6 Miles RT : N.40.34.314-W.111.46.448
Little Cottonwood Trail Little Cottonwood Trail Little Cottonwood Trail Little Cottonwood Trail Little Cottonwood Trail Little Cottonwood Trail

The trailhead starts at the east end of the parking lot at the mouth of the canyon. There are a couple of other turnoffs that connect with the trail also if you want to get dropped off and ride downhill. The trail is a fairly wide single-track with some rocky sections that follows Little Cottonwood Canyon road and the creek. It's usually open by mid-April and can be ridden until November. Much of the trail is shaded by the woods.

Red Pine Lake Trail

7 Miles RT
Lower Red Pine Lake Lower Red Pine Lake Red Pine Lake Trail Upper Red Pine Lake Upper Red Pine Lake Upper Red Pine Lake

Drive 5.5 from the mouth of the canyon to the White Pine trailhead. The trail merges off to the right, crossing the stream to Red Pine Lake. It is 3 miles to Lower Red Pine Lake and another Ĺ a mile to Upper Red Pine Lake. It is possible to traverse over the ridge to White Pine Lake.

Snowbird Barrier-Free Trail

1 Mile RT
Snowbird Snowbird

Park at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird Ski Resort the trail begins at the bridge near the Snowbird Center. This easy paved hike walks through meadows and wooded terrain and is Wheel-Chair Accessible. There are signs describing the surroundings. The turn around point is at a lookout platform that provides views of Little Cottonwood and the Salt Lake Valley.

Sugarloaf Road

5.2 Miles RT
Sugarloaf Road Sugarloaf Road Sugarloaf Road

Drive 10.8 miles up the canyon past Alta up the Albion Basin Road, and park near the bottom of the Sunnyside chairlift. The trail follows an old jeep road to the end of the chairlift. The trail begins heading west past the restaurant, and turns south. After 1.8 miles youíll pass a mine dump and some wooden remains. After 2.6 miles youíll reach the top of the Sugarloaf chairlift. Hiking the Sugarloaf Road takes you along rocky hillsides, and past several abandoned mines, offering views overlooking American Fork Canyon. The trail gradually climbs to the divide overlooking American Fork Canyon, Mount Timpanogos, and Hidden Peak. The trail ends near the top of the Sugarloaf chairlift.

Temple Quarry Trail

0.3 Mile RT : N.40.34.313-W.111.46.476
Temple Quarry Trail Temple Quarry Trail Temple Quarry Trail Temple Quarry Trail Temple Quarry Trail Temple Quarry Trail

Located on the south side of the road at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Fully Paved Wheel-Chair Accessible.

White Pine Lake

9 Miles RT
White Pine Lake White Pine Lake White Pine Lake White Pine Lake White Pine Lake White Pine Lake

The White Pine Trailhead is located 5.5 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon on the south side of the road. The trail follows an old jeep road almost the entire way to the lake. It might actually go all the way to the lake Iím not sure because I hit snow .5 mile before reaching the lake. This trail is rocky pretty much the entire way. Have fun pushing your bike up the mountain for 4.5 miles if you want, it sure is a fun ride down. Thereís also a great camping spot on the south end of the lake.