High Uintas

There is an entrance fee for the High Uintas unless your just driving straight thru. U-150 is closed during the winter, but groomed for cross country skiers, snowmobilers, and hikers. You will lose Cell Phone Service just before the fee station.

Lost Lake

Elevation-9,890 ft : 60 Acres : Brook & Rainbow
Park on the south side of HWY 150, 26.8 miles east of Kamas.

Marsh Lake

GPS-N.40.57.021-W.110.23.073 : Elevation-9,335-ft : Acres-38 : Depth Maximum-35 ft : Mean-15 ft
Marsh Lake Campground is located next to Marsh Lake on the northern slope of the Uinta Mountains at an elevation of 9,400 feet, about 24 miles from Mountain View, Wyoming. Lodgepole pines, Ponderosa pines, and aspens forest the campground. Marsh Lake offers rainbow and cutthroat trout fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and boating for other small watercraft. Several ATV, hiking, biking, and horse trails crisscross the area. China Meadows Trailhead is nearby, giving hikers and horseback riders access to the High Uintas. This campground provides vault toilets and garbage service, but campers need to bring their own water. Each campsite contains a picnic table, fire ring with grate, and a utility table. A camp host is onsite and a boat ramp is located on the west side of the lake. UTVs are allowed in the campground. From Mountain View, WY go 26 miles south on the North Slope Scenic Backway (WY/UT-410).

Mill Creek Road-058

From Kamas take HWY-150 49 miles to Mill Creek Road/058 turnoff on your right. From Evanston it will be 28 miles to the turnoff on your left. This road allows access to all vehicles, but is also ATV friendly. There are numerous trails that spur off from the main road giving you miles upon miles of terrain to ride. Meeks Cabin Reservoir is 21 miles east of U-150 on the North Slope Road (FS-058). The road bends north at Blacks Fork. Continue north rather than turning right to continue on the North Slope road. The reservoir is about 3 miles north of the North Slope road turnoff. It is also accessible from Robertson, Wyoming. From Robertson, go west for 4.5 miles to where the pavement ends. The road forks into three gravel roads. Take the left fork. The reservoir is 13 miles south on this road. There is a boat ramp. Meeks Cabin Campground is on the west side of the lake in Wyoming with 25 campsites, running water, and toilets. Another great campground is on the SE side of the lake, and there is a fee.

Fish Lake-N.40.56.908-W.110.38.790
Little Lyman Lake-N.40.56.105-W.110.36.914
Lyman Lake-N.40.56.421-W.110.36.565
Elevation-9,311 ft : 43.65 Acres : Depth-Maximum-23 ft : Mean-10 ft

Lyman Lake is about 17 miles east of U-150 on the North Slope Road (FS-058) of the Uintas. Little Lyman Lake Campground, is administered by the Forest Service, and has 10 campsites, running water, and latrines.

Mirror Lake

Elevation-10,020 ft : 50 Acres : Depth Maximum-41 ft/Mean-14 ft
Mirror Lake is located 31 miles east of Kamas. The highway passes very near the lake and signs are posted. Other than for a few warm days in the late summer, air and water are too cold for swimming. Motorized boats are prohibited. Facilities at the lake include Mirror Lake Campground, with latrines, day-use areas and 94 campsites. There is an additional fee to camp. Best fish spots are the deeper end near the NE corner or the west side. This lake is loaded with rainbow and albino trout. Float powerbait from the bottom.You can also go on the Mirror Lake Shoreline Trail which is only a 1.5 mile loop.

Moosehorn Lake

Elevation-10,380 ft : 7.2 Acres : Rainbow & Albino
The turnoff to Moosehorn Campground is on the north side of HWY 150, 29.9 miles east of Kamas.

Murdock Basin Road

From Kamas take HWY-150 21.50 miles east to Murdock Basin Road on your right. From Evanston it will be 58 miles to the turnoff on your left. There are numerous trails that spur off from the main road giving you miles of terrain to ride. These trails can be rough and rocky, not recommended if your looking for a smooth ride. The first trail is 1.36 miles from the HWY and heads north for 3.83 miles connecting you back with HWY 150 near Provo River Falls Overlook. The next trails will begin at the junction 2.69 miles from HWY 150. The trail to the northeast takes you 5.64 miles passing along numerous mountain lakes on the different spur trails. The trail to the southeast will take you down to East Fork Duchesne River. There is a huge waterfall hiding at the end of this road. There are some areas for 5th wheels towards the end of Murdock Basin Road, but are on a first come first serve basis and fill up quick.

Blizzard Lake-N.40.39.928-W.110.54.429
Gem Lake-N.40.40.113-W.110.53.925
Hoover Lake-N.40.40.762-W.110.52.245 : Brook Trout
Joan Lake-N.40.39.846-W.110.54.110
Maba Lake-N.40.40.963-W.110.52.261 : Brook Trout
Marshall Lake-N.40.40.534-W.110.52.399 : Brook & Cutthroat
Pyramid Lake-N.40.39.272-W.110.53.987
Shepard Lake-N.40.40.865-W.110.52.529 : Brook & Cutthroat

Nobletts Creek/Log Hollow

5.6 Miles One-Way
From Francis drive 11 miles east through Woodland, and turn left onto an old jeep road to the trailhead. This hike takes you around a loop back to the main road. The trail goes 2.9 miles along a creek to a junction turning left .6 mile to another fork where you turn right 2.1 miles back to the main road 1.1 miles away from the trailhead. You will have to walk back along the HWY if you donít have a shuttle.

Notch Mountain Trail

Drive 32 miles east from Kamas and take the turn-off to Crystal Lake Trailhead. Drive another mile to the parking area. The trail is north of the parking lot. This trail will fork after .3 miles near Lily Lakes, just stay to the right and you will be on the right track. After 1 mile Wall Lake then the trail will lead you to the east past Hope Lake then north up some steep rocky switchbacks. There will be a trail that leads off to the east to Lower Twin Lake. Upper Twin Lake will be just right above from here, or you can continue on the trail to Lovenia Lake, Ibantik Lake, and the turn around point at Meadow Lake.

Lily Lakes-Elevation-10,030 : .2 miles RT : Acres-3 : Brook.
Wall Lake-Elevation-10,180 : 2 miles RT : Acres-85 : Depth Maximum-128 ft/Mean-31 ft : Length-2,600 ft/Width-1,600 ft/Shoreline-1.32 miles : Cutthroat.
Wall Lake is one of the largest lakes in the Uintas. Water temperatures are usually too cold for swimming.
Hope Lake-Elevation-10,200 : 2.2 miles RT
Lower Twin Lake-Elevation-10,410 : 4.6 miles RT : Acres-3 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Upper Twin Lake-Elevation-10,420 : 4.8 miles RT : Acres-9 : Brook
There is a great camping spot near the NW corner here.
Lovenia Lake-Elevation-10,300 : 6 miles RT : Acres-8 : Depth-28 : Brook
Ibantik Lake-Elevation-10,100 : 6 miles RT : Acres-10 : Depth-36 : Brook
Meadow Lake-Elevation-9,820 : 8.6 miles RT : Acres-28 : Depth-45 : Cutthroat.
There are several great camping spots located here on the northern end of the lake.

Pass Lake

Elevation-10,060-ft : 6.5 Acres : Rainbow, Brook, & Albino
Pass Lake Youíll drive along the north shore right off of HWY 150, 31.2 miles east of Kamas, and 1 mile north of Mirror Lake.

Provo River Falls

The parking lot will be on your left hand side 23.9 miles east of Kamas. This is a short hike along the Provo River that offers views of some waterfalls, itís definitely worth the stop if your in the area.

Ruth Lake Trailhead

2 Miles RT
Just north of Mirror Lake, 35 miles from Kamas. The parking lot at the trailhead only offers enough space for maybe 10 cars and itís always full due to heavy use. Other lakes past Ruth Lake are Hayden, Cutthroat, Jewel, and Teal. The lake just north of Ruth Lake is called Naomi Lake I think.

Ruth Lake-Elevation-10,340 : 1.6 miles RT : Acres-10 : Depth-28 : Brook.
Naomi Lake-Elevation-10,400 : 2 miles RT : Acres-2 : Fish-None.
Hayden Lake-Elevation-10,420 : 2 miles RT : Acres-5 : Cutthroat.
Cutthroat Lake-Elevation-10,390 : 2.6 miles RT : Acres-4 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Jewel Lake-Elevation-10,300 : 2.6 miles RT : Acres-3 : Cutthroat.
Teal Lake-Elevation-10,260 : 4 miles RT : Acres-7 : Cutthroat.

Sheep Creek Lake

Elevation-8,600 ft : 86 Acres : Depth Maximum-17 ft : Mean-10 ft : Shoreline-1.9 Miles
Sheep Creek Lake is on the north slope road of the Uintas, about 10 miles west of U-44. From near milepost on U-44, turn west on the Sheep Creek Geologic Loop. A sign says Sheep Creek Lake 10. Follow the Sheep Creek Road for three miles, turn west again on a gravel road also signed to Sheep Creek Lake. This is the Spirit Lake Road. It begins at the southwest corner of the loop. Go west on Sheep Creek Road (FS-221) for about 6 miles to the turnoff for Browne Lake. Continue on the gravel road on the right, which should be marked to the Sheep Creek Lake. The turnoff to Sheep Creek Lake is about 1.5 miles past the turnoff. Follow this road about one mile to the lake. It is also accessible from the north and west via the state highway from Manila to Mountain View, Wyoming. Access points to forest service lands include roads from Lonetree, Burnt Fork and west of Manila at Antelope Junction. These roads will eventually combine with FS 221 which will lead to the lake. There is no boat ramp and limited other facilities. Browne Lake Campground has privies, campsites, picnic areas and drinking water.

Shingle Creek Trail

From Kamas drive 8.77 miles east up HWY-150 to Upper Settings Road on the north side of the highway. This gravel road is smooth riding for about 4 miles up the canyon before turning into a rough rocky road. From here you will have to park and hike 2 miles to the trailhead unless you have a high-clearance vehicle then you could cut the hike 2 miles short by driving right to the parking lot. There are a few turnoffs so just stay on the main road and you will come to a dead end parking lot where the trail begins. Follow the trail to the northeast and you will come to an old sign thats barely readable that says East Shingle Creek Lake is 1 mile and the Erickson Basin is 2.5 miles. This trail is well maintained and highly traveled with only 1 realy tough 1/4 mile section that heads uphill after East Shinlge Creek Lake towards the Erickson Basin. Other than this section its a pretty easy hike. Once at the Erickson Lakes the trail continues on to the Smith & Morehouse trail down to the reservoir or east to the Chrystal Lake Trails. From Shingle Creek Campground ATV/UTV trails are permitted to 50" wide only to gain access to Cedar Hollow.

Smith and Morehouse Reservoir

Elevation-7,960 ft : 44 acres : Depth Maximum-30.3 ft
Take exit 156 off I-80 at Wanship. Head south till you enter Oakley and youíll see a sign that will take you east to the reservoir. During the winter the reservoir is accessible by cross-country ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile from the paved road 2 miles south on FR-33. Campgrounds are available both above and below the reservoir. They provide campsites, with picnic areas, drinking water, and restrooms. There is a Jeep road just before the campground near the south end of the lake that allows access for high clearance motorized vehicles. This road is closed during spring run off and opens on June 15th.

Smith and Morehouse Trail

12 Miles RT
Take exit 156 off I-80 at Wanship. Head south till you enter Oakley and youíll see a sign that will take you east to the reservoir. Drive past the reservoir to the campground. Turn left at the fork and follow the signs .5 mile to the trailhead parking area. The trail begins by walking over a wooden bridge, and follows a creek most the way. After a couple miles youíll reach a junction that forks off to the left to Island Lake, or right to Erickson Basin.

Soapstone Basin

From Kamas drive 14.60 miles east up HWY-150 and park at the turnoff on the south side of the road at the fee station. The road gives you access to miles of groomed trails. From the Mirror Lake HWY 150 head south, you'll reach FR 037/414 in 1.83 miles. It's about 8 miles in from Soapstone Rd to Iron Mine Lake. There are several spur roads you can take but all lead to a dead end.

Road 037-414 to Iron Mine Lake
Drive 3.91 miles south from Mirror Lake HWY 150 and you'll come to a T-Intersection. Right will continue on Soapstone Rd, left will take you on 304 which is called Inholding Rd. After 5.90 miles this road will fork at 151 and 174. 174 will loop around along Lightning Ridge connecting you back with 151, where you can make a loop through Colorado Springs Rd or Rhodes Canyon back to Saopstone Basin Rd. Another way to gain access to Soapstone Basin is from HWY 35 head east from Frtancis just south of Kamas. Just head east from Francis for 20 miles to the turnoff on the north side of the HWY.

Lightning Ridge via FR-304-FR174-FR412

Rhodes Canyon to HWY-35

Spirit Lake

Elevation-10,180 ft : 41 acres : Depth Maximum-18 ft/Mean-13 ft
From Manila, Take UT 44 south to Spirit Lake Scenic Byway just past Dowdís Hole 21 miles to Spirit Lake. It is also possible to begin on U-150 in the Bear River area and take the North Slope Road to this intersection. The lake is about 8 miles south on this road. The route is well marked. Spirit Lake Campground has toilet facilities, picnic areas, and 24 campsites. It has no drinking water. Spirit Lake Lodge is located on the western shores of the lake. It includes a convenience store with lodging, a restaurant, and horseback riding. Nearby is Tamarack Lake, slightly larger than Spirit Lake.

Spring Canyon Road

From Kamas drive 13.50 miles east up HWY-150 and park on the south side of the road at the West Portal Tunnel turnoff. Spring Canyon road begins across the street on the north side of HWY-150. This road has access to miles of ATV trails and connects you back to HWY-150 where Washington and Lilly Lake are. It's pretty smooth riding at first on the main road, but quickly becomes really rocky in most sections especially if you take any of the spur roads. This is a really pretty area in the Uintas, but you will more than likely break something on your vehicle trying to reach some of these lakes or isolated locations. From the south heading north you can reach Alexander Lake from the second spur road on your right.
Here is a list of other lakes along the way that can be reached by hiking-Hourglass Lake, Buckeye Lake, Blue Lake, Trident Lake, Beth Lake, Haystack Lake, Azure Lake, Shadow Lake, and Shoestring Lake. There is a sign further north that will tell you what lakes it leads you to, I think its Trident and Beth Lake but I can't remember for sure.

Stateline Reservoir

GPS-N.40.59.032-W.110.23.009 : Elevation-9,163 ft : 288 Acres : Depth Maximum-128 ft : Mean-48.6 ft
From Evanston take I-80 east for 34 miles and take exit 39 east bound. Turn right onto SR 414, and keep heading south, you will have to leave the highway, and continue south on a gravel road that becomes FS-072. From Mountain View it's about 22 miles to the lake. The reservoir is just across the Utah state line. Stateline Reservoir Campground, administered by the Forest Service, has 41 campsites, running water, and primitive latrines. These campgrounds are heavily used in the summer.

Taylor Fork Campground

From Kamas drive east on HWY-150 9.1 miles to the campground on the south side of the road. No reservations are needed, first come first serve. There is an extra fee for campground useage. From Taylors Fork Campground ATV/UTV trails are permitted to no more than 50" wide before gaining acces to Cedar Hollow.

Teapot Lake

Elevation-9,930 ft : 14.4 Acres : Depth-48 ft : Brook & Rainbow
Park on the north side of HWY 150, 26.3 miles east of Kamas. The lake is hidden behind some trees, and is just west of Lilly Lake.

Trial Lake

Elevation-9,840 ft : 98 acres : Depth Maximum-60 ft/Mean-26.5 ft
The Crystal Lake turnoff is on the north side of HWY 150, 25.4 miles east of Kamas. The lake turnoff is about .25 mile on your right. This is great fishing depending on when it was stocked since it is heavily used and the fish are eaten. The lake is loaded with rainbow and albino trout, brook and cutthroat are also present. Use power bait here floating it from the bottom. Fishing is best on the west side since the east side is shallow. This lake is one of the first to open early in the year usually near the end of May. Trial Lake Campground is on the east shore of the lake, with 60 campsites, picnic areas, and toilets.

Uinta Trailhead

27.2 Miles RT
From Heber drive east on HWY 40 for 99 miles to Roosevelt. Turn north on HWY 121 for 11 miles to Neola, and 17 miles on Road 118 to the trailhead .5 mile north of Wandin, near the U-Bar Ranch. The trail heads northwest 3 miles to Sheep Bridge Junction. The left fork takes you to Lily Pad Lake, Pippen Lake, Chain Lakes, Krebs Lake, Oke Doke Lake, Carrot Lake, Allen Lake, Roberts Lake, Allred lake, and Lake Atwood. Another 2 miles west is George Beard Lake.
The right fork takes you 31 miles RT to the Painter Lakes & Graig Lake.

Lily Pad Lake-Elevation-10,180 : 14 miles RT : Acres-3.7 : Depth-7 : Fish-Brook & Rainbow
Pippen Lake-Elevation-10,450 : 18 miles RT : Acres-3.2 : Depth-3 : Fish-Brook
Lower Chain Lake-Elevation-10,580 : 16 miles RT : Acres-62 : Depth-30 : Fish-Brook
Krebs Lake-Elevation-10,600 : 19 miles RT : Acres-10 : Depth-15 : Fish-Brook
Middle Chain Lake-Elevation-10,605 : 17.4 miles RT : Acres-14.4 : Depth-13 : Fish-Brook
Upper Chain Lake-Elevation-10,623 : 17.8 miles RT : Acres-51 : Depth-44 : Fish-Brook
4th Chain Lake-Elevation-10,870 : 19.4 miles RT : Acres-13.5 : Depth-31 : Fish-Brook
Oke Doke Lake-Elevation-11,320 : 21 miles RT : Acres-12.9 : Depth-38 : Fish-Cutthroat
Carrot Lake-Elevation-10,830 : 29 miles RT : Acres-31 : Depth-31 : Fish-Brook
Allen Lake-Elevation-10,390 : 18 miles RT : Acres-15.2 : Depth-16 : Fish-Grayling
Roberts Lake-Elevation-11,550 : 31 miles RT : Acres-23.3 : Depth-38 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Allred Lake-Elevation-10,995 : 27.6 miles RT : Acres-34 : Depth-30 : Fish-Brook
Atwood Lake-Elevation-11,030 : 27.2 miles RT : Acres-250 : Depth-40 : Fish-Brook
George Beard Lake-Elevation-11,420 : 32 miles RT : Acres-7.4 : Depth-15 : Fish-Brook

Upper Setting Road

From Kamas drive 8.77 miles east up HWY-150 and park at the turnoff on north side of the road. The road gives you access to over 20 miles of Off-Road trails. The gravel road is smooth riding for about 4 miles up the canyon before turning into a rough rocky road.

Washington Lake

Elevation-9,980 ft : 100 Acres : Depth Maximum-70 ft/Mean-20 ft : Length-3,600 ft/Width-1,400 ft/Shoreline-1.59 miles
The Crystal Lake turnoff is on the north side of HWY 150, 25.4 miles east of Kamas. Follow the signs to Washington Lake Campground. Washington Lake has its own Campground facility, and there is a fee to stay overnight. Fishing includes Brook & Cutthroat.

Whitney Reservoir

Elevation-9,260 ft : Surface area-188 Acres : Depth Maximum-70 ft/Mean-31 ft : Shoreline-2.6 Miles
Whitney Road, FS-032, a gravel road can be found about 1.5 miles north of Hayden Fork Campground and 1.5 miles south of Stillwater campground. Continue on this fairly good gravel base road for approximately five miles to the West Fork of the Bear River. Shortly after crossing the river take FS-069 which leads south to the reservoir. This road will pass the Whitney Guard Station which is viable from the junction (about 0.5 miles in) and continues about two miles further to Whitney Reservoir. The route around the reservoir is not maintained as well and travel can be difficult to Beaver Lake just south/west of the lake. One of the larger lakes in the Uintas, and produces some large trout than most of the other lakes.

Beaver Lake
Elevation-9,420 ft : 13 Acres : Depth-32 ft : Rainbow, Brook, Cutthroat

Wolverine Loop

From Kamas take HWY-150 46 miles east to Christmas Meadows turnoff on your right and follow the signs from here to Wolverine trailhead. From Evanston it will be 31 miles to the turnoff on your left. This trail is strictly for ATVís only you cannot gain access with any other vehicle over 50Ē wide. This ride will loop around back to the trailhead or you can head over the summit to gain access to Lily Lake area. Some areas can be difficult for beginners with steep terrain. There is enough trail to spend the whole day here riding.

Yellow Pine Creek

4.5 Mile loop
Just before the fee station entering the High Uintas from Kamas turn north into Yellow Pine Creek parking area. The trail follows an old jeep trail for a mile and will fork. Take the left fork to reach the ridgeline, it's pretty steep in places. The traill will eventually makes its way around back to the trailhead.