From Duchesne, take US 40 to UT 87 and head north for 15 miles. Turn left at the top of the hill, and make a right at the intersection for another 15 miles to Moon Lake. The trailhead is on the left side of the road before you reach the campground. The trail heads north from the parking lot following some telephone poles. Once near the northwest corner of the campgrounds near the lake the trail will split off into a four way junction. East will take you back to the campground, north is the Lake Fork Trail that takes you along the shore of the lake, and west is the Brown Duck Lake Trail. After another mile the trail will join a dirt road. After 1.25 miles take the right fork, and after another 4 miles take the left fork leading you to the lake.

Browne Lake

GPS-N.40.51.787-W.109.48.639 : 44 Acres
Browne LakeBrowne LakeBrowne Lake
From U-44, turn west near milepost 15 on U 44, a sign says "Browne Lake 10". Follow the Sheep Creek Road for 3 miles, and turn west again on a gravel road also signed to Browne Lake. Follow this road for 5 miles to the turnoff to Browne Lake on the left. The lake is 2 miles south on this road. The campground has drinking water, picnic areas and charges user fees. Nearby lakes are Hacking Lake & Tepee Lakes. From Mountain View, Take HWY 414 for 20 miles through Lonetree, and another 10 miles to the junction where you turn south. Drive 13 miles south on Road 221 to a sign for 8 more miles east to Brown Lake. From the southern end of Brown Lake take the trail south over a couple bridges, and climb a steep slope 3.5 miles to the lakes. Upper Tepee is slow for fishing. One Fish Lake is just northwest from here. Red Lake is 1.5 miles south and Lost Lake is 1.4 miles southwest.

Upper Tepee Lake
Elevation-9,430 : 7 miles RT : Acres-4.20 : Depth-28 : Fish-Cutthroat

Lower Tepee Lake
Elevation-9,410 : 7 miles RT : Acres-4.25 : Depth-6 : Fish-Brook

One Fish Lake
Elevation-9,350 : 7 miles RT : Acres-4.5 : Depth-35 : Fish-Brook

Red Lake
Elevation-9,850 : 10 miles RT : Acres-19 : Depth-57 : Fish-Brook

Lost Lake/Mystery Lake
Elevation-9,750 : 9.8 miles RT : Acres-10 : Depth-55 : Fish-Cutthroat

Bud Lake

Elevation-10,220 ft : 3.7 Acres : Brook
Bud LakeBud Lake
Park on the right side of the road 32.9 miles east of Kamas, and hike .2 mile down to the lake.

Butterfly Lake

Elevation-10,340 ft : 5 Acres : Rainbow, Brook & Albino
Butterfly LakeButterfly Lake
Butterfly Lake is on U-150 3 miles north of Mirror Lake, 33.9 miles east from Kamas. The lake contains rainbow, brook, and albino trout. Use flies in the morning or evening and bait in the afternoons. You can hike .5 mile west from this lake to Castle Lake. You will pass several small ponds along the base of the cliffs.

Center Park Trailhead

30 Miles RT
Spider LakeBluebell LakeFrom Heber, take US 40 east 69 miles to Duchesne, and turn north onto UT 87 for 14 miles to Mountain Home. Follow Moon Lake Road north 4 miles to Yellowstone River Road. Follow Yellowstone River Road 4 miles to Hells Canyon Road. Drive 7 miles up this canyon to the trailhead. 4WD is recommended. After hiking 6 miles you will reach the Swasey Lakes, continue north another 4 miles to Spider Lake, Bluebell Lake, and Drift Reservoir. Continue north to Five Point Lake, Superior Lake, Tungsten Lake, and North Star Lake.

Swasey Lakes-Elevation-10,715 : 12 miles RT : Acres-36 : Depth-30 : Brook & Cutthroat
Spider Lake-Elevation-10,876 : 15.6 miles RT : Acres-20 : Depth-31 : Brook & Cutthroat
-Fish from southside with a #16 olive scud.
Bluebell Lake-Elevation-10,894 : 16.2 miles RT : Acres-38.3 : Depth-32 : Brook & Cutthroat
-.25 a mile SW uphill to Spider Lake.
Drift Reservoir-Elevation-11,064 : 16.4 miles RT : Acres-14.8 : Depth-20 : Brook
Five Point Lake-Elevation-11,009 : 24 miles RT : Acres-82 : Depth-21 : Brook & Cutthroat
Superior Lake-Elevation-11,163 : 26 miles RT : Acres-36 : Depth-26 : Brook
Tungsten Lake-Elevation-11,344 : 30.4 miles RT : Acres-13 : Depth-13 : Brook & Cutthroat
North Star Lake-Elevation-11,395 : 31 miles RT : Acres-14 : Depth-15 : Brook

Chepeta Lake Trailhead

Chepeta LakeChepeta LakeFrom Heber, take US 40 east 99 miles to Roosevelt, and turn north on 121 for 11 miles to Neola. Follow the road east 5 miles, and turn north at the junction. Drive 7 miles to Road 117, head east for 18 miles to Pole Creek Junction. Then take Road 110 11 miles north to the trailhead. The Highline Trail begins on the south side of Chepeta Lake, and head west 2.3 miles before reaching Sharlee Lake. Turn right at both forks and Horseshoe Lake is .5 mile to the east. Reader Lake is just 1.5 mile north from the fork. The northern trail from Chepeta Lake and Moccasin Lake takes you by Papoose Lake, Wigwam Lake, and Walk-Up Lake. From Wigwam you can head west a mile to Figure 8 Lake, and another mile to Elbow Lake. The trail heading south from Chepeta Lake, leads you to Cliff Lake & Watkins Lake. You can make a loop by turn right on your way back at the fork just north of Cliff Lake to reach Workman Lake and Teds Lake. Take the left fork south of Teds Lake to return back to the trailhead.

Chepeta Lake-Elevation-10,560 : 0 miles RT : Acres-135 : Depth-55 : Cutthroat
Sharlee Lake-Elevation-10,740 : 4 miles RT : Acres-9.4 : Depth-4 : Brook & Cutthroat
Horseshoe Lake-Elevation-10,860 : 6.4 miles RT : Acres-12 : Depth-14 : Brook & Cutthroat
Reader Lake-Elevation-10,960 : 8.4 miles RT : Acres-10 : Depth-10 : Fish-None
Moccasin Lake-Elevation-10,620 : 0 miles RT : Acres-11.1 : Depth-27 : Brook & Cutthroat
Papoose Lake-Elevation-10,635 : 4 miles RT : Acres-14.9 : Depth-21 : Brook & Cutthroat
Wigwam Lake-Elevation-10,607 : 4.4 miles RT : Acres-13.5 : Depth-11 : Brook & Cutthroat
Walk-Up Lake-Elevation-11,114 : 7.6 miles RT : Acres-18.4 : Depth-55 : Brook
Figure 8 Lake-Elevation-10,660 : 1 miles RT : Acres-3.6 : Depth-5 : Cutthroat
Elbow Lake-Elevation-10,910 : 3 miles RT : Acres-26 : Depth-27 : Brook
Cliff Lake-Elevation-10,348 : 11.2 miles RT : Acres-68 : Depth-55 : Brook & Cutthroat
Watkins Lake-Elevation-10,390 : 12 miles RT : Acres-18.4 : Depth-36 : Brook
Workman Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 10.2 miles RT : Acres-16.3 : Depth-12 : Brook & Cutthroat
Teds Lake-Elevation-10,336 : 10 miles RT : Acres-13.9 : Depth-20 : Brook & Cutthroat

China Meadows Trailhead

25 Miles RT
China Meadows TrailChina Meadows TrailChina Meadows LakeFrom Evanston, WY head east on I-80, take exit 34 towards Fort Bridger, WY and merge onto I-80 Business East. After 5 miles turn right onto WY-414 South, and drive 3 miles and turn right onto WY-410 East. Drive for 7 miles and continue on County Road 283. 19 miles later you will arrive at the China Meadows Campground, the parking lot is located at the south end of the campground. China Lakeis just .7 mile past China Meadows campground. There is ATV access to the roads surrounding this area along with snowmobiles during the winter season. China Meadows provides access to the East Fork Smith Fork River Trail. From the trailhead it is approximately a 10.5 mile hike to the Red Castle area. The trail begins with very gradual elevation gain as it makes its way through numerous meadows. After 3.5 miles the trail will fork and Hessie Lake is 2 miles from here. Continue southwest at the fork another 5.7 miles to Lower Red castle with Red Castle Lake East to the east. You will pass Bald Lake just east of Bald Mt. 5 miles from the trailhead. Hike south from Lower Red Castle Lake 2 miles to Red Castle Lake and another mile to Upper Red Castle Lake. Smithís Fork Pass Lake is just southeast of East Red Castle.

Hessie Lake-Elevation-10,620 : 11.6 miles RT : Acres-13.2 : Depth-18 : Cutthroat
Bald Lake-Elevation-11,030 : 10 miles RT : Acres-6.4 : Depth-23 : Brook
Lower Red Castle Lake-Elevation-10,758 : 18 miles RT : Acres-45 : Depth-28 : Rainbow, Brook & Cutthroat
Red Castle Lake East-Elevation-11,190 : 22 miles RT : Acres-21.1 : Depth-58 : Cutthroat
Red Castle Lake-Elevation-11,295 : 22 miles RT : Acres-168.3 : Depth-103 : Cutthroat
Upper Red Castle Lake-Elevation-11,542 : 23.6 miles RT : Acres-25.6 : Depth-72 : Cutthroat
Smiths Fork Pass Lake-Elevation-11,152 : 22 miles RT : Acres-26.1 : Depth-17 : Cutthroat

Christmas Meadows Trailhead

46 miles east of Kamas, and 30 miles south of Evanston, WY. This is one long hike, itís definitely worth it though. After hiking 4 miles you will reach Ostler Fork Junction where Stillwater Trail begins to the right and Amethyst Lake Trail continues to the left another 2 miles reaching Ostler Lake .5 a mile before Amethyst. Amethyst Lake has Brook Trout that eat all day long. The Stillwater Trail takes you 2 miles to another junction where the trail heading west takes you to Kermsuh Lake on the Branch Trail. Continue south at this junction along a rugged climb out of the canyon through open meadows to Ryder Lake, McPheters Lake is just .5 mile north from here. There are several sightings of bear in these locations. You should hang your food from a tree at least 10 feet from the trunk and ground.

Ostler Lake-Elevation-10,540 : 11 miles RT : Acres-14 : Brook & Cutthroat
Amethyst Lake-Elevation-10,750 : 11.6 miles RT : Acres-42 : Depth-60 : Brook & Cutthroat
Kermsuh Lake-Elevation-10,300 : 13.6 miles RT : Acres-12 : Cutthroat
Ryder Lake-Elevation-10,620 : 16 miles RT : Acres-24 : Depth-55 : Brook
McPheters Lake-Elevation-10,860 : 17 miles RT : Acres-29 : Depth-45 ft : Cutthroat

Crystal Lake Trailhead
10 Miles RT

Crystal LakeLong LakeIsland LakeFire LakeMarjorie Lake
Drive 32 miles east from Kamas and take the turn-off to Crystal Lake Trailhead. Drive another mile to the parking area. The trail is at the NW end of the parking lot. Crystal Lake is just west of the trailhead. The 1st mile is a steep climb. After 1.5 miles youíll run into a junction that heads north or west.Keep west and youíll walk by Long Lake. After .3 miles past Long Lake you can go south and you will walk by Long Pond, and Weir Lake. Now head back to the last junction and keep heading west for another mile and youíll meet another junction heading north or south. Either way you go it donít matter because itís a loop. So go north and after 1.5 miles youíll be at Island Lake. After Ĺ a mile past Long Lake head north/west and youíll meet Island Lake after a short climb. From here you climb ľ a mile south/west to Junior Lake. Just a Ĺ a mile further and youíll come upon Fire Reservoir. Before heading east to Duck Lake travel south for another 1.5 miles to Beaver Lake. Back at Duck Lake head east and youíll run into Pot Lake and Weir Lake, Marjorie Lake is just southeast from here. Then youíll have the 2 mile hike from Long Lake back to the cars.

Crystal Lake-Elevation-10,220 : .2 miles RT : Acres-10 : Depth-10 : Fish-Brook.
Long Lake-Elevation-10,100 : 4 miles RT : Acres-55 : Depth-35 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Long Pond-Elevation-10,100 : 4 miles RT : Acres-2 : Brook & Cutthroat.
This pond has better fishing mainly because of the fact that it is hidden and doesnít get as much use as Long Lake does.
Island Lake-Elevation-10,140: 7 Miles RT : Acres-30 : Depth-40 ft : Fish-Brook & Cutt.
There is a cliff here with about a 40 foot drop off that is awesome to jump off of in late July or early August when the water is warm enough. Iím not sure if swimming is allowed here though. The lake has a supply of cutthroat but is well fed by the fresh-water shrimp making it difficult for a catch.
Junior Lake-Elevation-10,220 : 7.6 miles RT : Acres-3 : Cutthroat.
Fly fishing is great anywhere along this lakes shore. Be sure to keep quiet for you will startle these fish and the bites will come to a halt.
Fire Reservoir-Elevation-10200 : 8 miles RT : Acres-12 : Depth-65 ft : Cutthroat.
There is some great fishing here.
Beaver Lake-Elevation-9900 : 7.6 miles RT : Acres-4 : Brook
Duck Lake-Elevation-9780 : 6.6 miles RT : Acres-33 : Depth-30 ft : Brook & Cutthroat.
Pot Lake-Elevation-9,940 : 5.6 miles RT : Acres-4 : Depth-28 : Brook.
Weir Lake-Elevation-9,940 : 5 miles RT : Acres-14 : Depth-21 : Cutthroat & Grayling.
Marjorie Lake-Elevation-9,980 : 5.6 miles RT : Acres-27 : Depth-26 : Grayling.

Divide Lakes Trail

Cliff LakePetit LakeClyde LakeClyde LakeHidden Lake
Drive 32 miles east from Kamas and take the turn-off to Crystal Lake Trailhead. Drive another mile to the parking area. This hike starts off at the north end of the parking lot at the Notch Mountain Trail. The trail heads north from the northeast corner of the Lily Pad Lake on your left. You will walk by several lakes, 1st will be Upper Lily Pad Lake then Cliff Lake, Petite Lake, Linear Lake, Watson Lake, Clyde Lake and at the end of the trail will be all of the Divide Lakes. Just N/E of here is Peter Lake, James Lake, John Lake, and N/W is Hidden Lake. Clyde lake has the better fishing than most of these lakes and is also the largest. Hidden Lake will probably have the biggest fish since it gets less visitors. I caught a good sized Brook Trout here with green powerbait. The lake is easiest to find with a GPS, but if you do not have one just head northwest for a .5 mile along the mountain and you will walk into it.

Upper Lily Lake-Elevation-10,020 : .2 mile RT : Acres-3.2 : Depth-12 : Fish-None
Cliff Lake-Elevation-10,230 : 1 mile RT : Acres-9 : Depth-20 : Cutthroat
Petite Lake-Elevation-10,300 : 1.6 miles RT : Acres-2 : Depth-3 : Brook
Watson Lake-Elevation-10,420 : 2 miles RT : Acres-6 : Depth-10 : Brook
Clyde Lake-Elevation-10,420 : 3 miles RT : Acres-16 : Depth-21 : Brook
Divide Lake #1 (Booker Lake)-Elevation-10,460 : 5 miles RT : Acres-3.5 : Depth-5 : Brook
Divide Lake #2-Elevation-10,460 : 5 miles RT : Acres-3.5 : Depth-10 : Fish-None
Divide Lake #3-Elevation-10,460 : 5 miles RT : Acres-3.5 : Brook
Hidden Lake-Elevation-10,280 : 6 miles RT : Acres-8 : Depth-28 : Brook
Peter Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 5.6 miles RT : Acres-3 : Depth-13 : None
James Lake-Elevation-10,500 : 5.6 miles RT : Acres-2.1 : Depth-8 : Brook
John Lake-Elevation-10,500 : 6 miles RT : Acres-4 : Depth-10 : Brook

Dry Fork Trail

9 Miles RT
Weber River RdWeber River RdWeber River Rd
From Oakly, head east towards Smith & Morehouse turnoff. From this turnoff continue heading east for a couple miles on Weber River Road through the Thousand Peaks Ranch Gate. There will be a pull off area where you can park and unload your atv/utv if you plan on doing some off-roading. Otherwise just continue driving a few more miles till you see the trailhead on your left. The trail is steep and rugged after a few miles youll reach a river crossing. From here the trail heads southeast 1.5 miles up to Round Lake. Thereís a waterfall just before you reach the lake. Sand Lake sits just .5 mile to the east, and another .5 mile south is Fish Lake. From here the trail heads west up a steep hill to the top of the ridge. The trail will drop off the south side of the ridge to a logging road the back to the trailhead.

Round Lake-Elevation-9,940 : 7 miles RT : Acres-5 : Depth-36 : Fish-Grayling
Sand Lake-Elevation-10,140 : 8 miles RT : Acres-19.3 : Depth-51 : Fish-Grayling
This lake is loaded with Grayling they bite all day long. This lake is known as the most reliable for grayling in the Uintas. Use size #16 fly. The southeast side is the best spot to fish.
Fish Lake-Elevation-10,180 : 9 miles RT : Acres-59 : Depth-57 : Fish-Brook & Grayling

Dry Gulch Trailhead

12 Miles RT
Lower Lily Pad LakeLower Lily Pad Lake4WD is required. From Heber take HWY 40 east 69 miles to Duchesne. Turn north onto HWY 87 14 miles to Mountain Home. Follow Moon Lake Road 4 miles north onto Yellowstone River Road, and go another 4 miles past Hells Canyon Road. From Center Park follow Yellowstone River Road southeast 3 miles to Road 119 5 miles to Jackson Park Road 120. Drive another 2 miles east to the Dry Gulch Road 122 and another 4 miles to the trailhead. Hike along an old jeep road 1.5 miles north to the trail. The trail is 6 miles before reaching Bollie Lake. Along the way you will pass Lower Lily Pad, and Upper Lily Pad Lakes with Hidden Lake a mile east. You can access Heller Lake heading northeast 2 miles from the trailhead.

Lower Lily Pad Lake-Elevation-10,275 : 8.2 miles RT : Acres-9 : Depth-11 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Upper Lily Pad Lake-Elevation-10,280 : 8 miles RT : Acres-12 : Depth-37 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Hidden Lake-Elevation-10,148 : 11 miles RT : Acres-6.5 : Depth-18 : Fish-Brook
Bollie Lake-Elevation-10,660 : 12 miles RT : Acres-10 : Depth-15 : Fish-Cutthroat
Heller Lake-Elevation-9,520 : 4 miles RT : Acres-10 : Depth-39 : Brook & Cutthroat

East Fork Bear River Trailhead

East ForkEast ForkAllsop LakeNorice LakePriord LakeFrom Evanston drive south on HWY 150 for 3 miles to the East Fork/Bear River turnoff. Drive east for 1.5 miles, and turn south onto Road 059 for 4 miles to the trailhead.

Another trail leads off to the southeast .5 mile south from the boy scout turnoff. The trail forks at the 4 mile mark left 4.5 miles to Allsop Lake. Lake Lovena is a couple miles west from the right fork, and leads to Norice Lake, and Priord Lake just east of Amethyst Lake. The trail heads south 2.5 miles to a meadow and forks to the right another .75 mile to Scow Lake.

Scow Lake-Elevation-10,100 : 6.6 miles RT : Acres-22.9 : Depth-6 : Brook
Allsop Lake-Elevation-10,580 : 17 miles RT : Acres-12.3 : Depth-22 : Cutthroat
Lake Lovena-Elevation-10,580 : 7 miles RT : Acres-12 : Depth-20 : Brook
Norice Lake-Elevation-10,470 : 16.6 miles RT : Acres-4.8 : Depth-3 : Cutthroat
Priord Lake-Elevation-10,860 : 18.6 miles RT : Acres-12 : Depth-20 : Cutthroat

Fehr Lake Trail

Fehr LakeShepard LakeHoover LakeMaba LakeThe trailhead is 30.5 mile from Kamas across the highway from Moosehorn Campground just south of Mirror Lake. This is a short day hike that will take you past several lakes. The first lake will be Fehr Lake then Shepard Lake, and the end of the trail to Hoover Lake and Maba Lake just north of it. You can also take a trail south from Shepard Lake for less than a mile to visit Marshall Lake.

Fehr Lake-Elevation-10,260 : 1 mile RT : Acres-6 : Depth-29 : Brook
Shepard Lake-Elevation-9,980 : 3 miles RT : Acres-14 : Depth-30 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Hoover Lake-Elevation-9,900 : 3 miles RT : Acres-19 : Depth-29 : Brook
Maba Lake-Elevation-9,900 : 3 miles RT : Acres-4 : Depth-19 : Brook
Marshall Lake-Elevation-9,990 : 4 miles RT : Acres-18 : Depth Maximum-36 ft/Mean-14 ft : Length-1,150 ft/Width-1,000 ft/Shoreline-3,900 ft : Brook & Cutthroat.

From Evanston, WY head east on I-80, take exit 34 towards Fort Bridger, WY and merge onto I-80 Business East. After 4.9 miles turn right onto WY-414 South, drive 3.1 miles and turn right onto WY-410 E/W 2nd St. Continue another 7 miles to County Road 283. Follow this dirt road for 8.4 miles where it will turn into FR072. FR072 is a Dirt/Gravel road that extends north to south for 10 miles eventually turning into FR073 near China Meadows Campground. There is Off-Road access to the roads surrounding this area along with snowmobiles during the winter season. Campgrounds along this road include Stateline Campground, Bridger Lake Camground, Marsh Lake Campground, China Meadow Camground, and Trail Head Campground.

List of Roads that Spur off from FR072

FR207 is just .7 mile to the north of Stateline Reservoir Dam. FR320 heads south just after the bridge that crosses East Fork Smiths Fork and ends at Grahamas Reservoir in .7 mile. FR207 is 7.3 miles connecting you from FR072 to FR073, It's a little rocky heading up the switch backs from FR072, but once your up on top its levels and smooths out. The bridge that crosses the creek is just narrow enough for maybe 60", but if the water level is low enough you can cross through the creek if your vehicle is too wide for the bridge.

List of Lakes along this Road
Bridger Lake
China Lakeis assessable via a short hike located on the north side of FR073 just .3 mile past the fork of FR072, FR073, & FR125 (China Meadows).

Marsh Lake
Stateline Reservoir

Georges Park Trailhead

Hidden LakeFrom Mountain View, take HWY 414 east then south 20 miles through Lonetree towards Hoop Lake 9 miles to a junction and turn onto Road 058 west to Henryís Fork south 3 miles to the trailhead. The trail heads west, and then turns southwest for 5.5 miles to a fork. Hidden Lake is .2 mile north from the fork, and .1 mile southwest is Dine Lake. From the fork turn left, and go another 1.3 miles to Beaver Lake. Coffin Lake is just .75 mile southwest from here.

Hidden Lake-Elevation-9,760 : 10 miles RT : Acres-8.2 : Depth-25 : Brook
Dine Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 11 miles RT : Acres-5 : Depth-15 : Brook
Beaver Lake-Elevation-10,505 : 13.6 miles RT : Acres-38 : Depth-30 : Cutthroat
Coffin Lake-Elevation-10,853 : 15.6 miles RT : Acres-26 : Depth-25 : Cutthroat

Grandview Trailhead

Heart LakeGrand Daddy Lake
From Heber, take US 40 east 6 miles past Fruitland to UT 208 and drive north 10 miles to UT 35 northwest 19 miles to Hanna. Follow the dirt road 11.5 miles northwest past the Hades campground to a junction. Turn right 5 miles to the trailhead. From Grandview Trailhead the trail climbs upward 800 feet in 2.2 miles to the top of Hades Pass. Just beyond the pass you will see Heart Lake, and soon afterward you will reach Grandaddy Lake. Grandaddy Lake is the largest of the High Uinta lakes, and also one of the most popular. There are over twenty lakes within a two-hour walk of Grandaddy. On some summer weekends there will be hundreds of hikers on this trail, but the great majority of them never go beyond Grandaddy Lake, 3.4 miles from the trailhead. Northeast of Grandaddy Lake is Lodgepole Lake with LaMarla Lake and Fern Lake east of it. . On the northwestern side of Grandaddy the trail splits. Turn left here and continue northward along the eastern shore of Betsy Lake. Then, after 0.4 mile you will reach another junction. Turn left here onto the Pine Island Lake Trail. There will be another left turn that will take you to Mohawk Lake. The spur trail is only 0.4 mile long over level ground, and there are some nice campsites near the lake. It is a good alternative if you are looking for a secluded spot near Grandaddy Lake. Continue on the main trail north for 1.1 miles to Fish Hatchery Lake. Just before you reach Fish Hatchery you will also see another trail leading to Farney Lake, 0.6 mile away. There are some fine camping sites around Farney Lake, but unfortunately it is too shallow for fish to survive the winter. Two other small lakes, Sonny Lake and Marsell Lake can also be reached by walking from Farney Lake for about 20 minutes SW. The forest floor is quite level here and quite open, so the lakes are easy to find.

Back on the Pine Island Loop Trail, the route next passes between Pine Island Lake and Lily Pad Lake. Pine Island Lake is the second largest lake in the basin and the fishing is great. Unfortunately, Pine Island Lake is a favorite destination for groups with pack horses, and the best camping area on the southern end of the lake is littered with horse manure. 0.3 miles after leaving Pine Island Lake you will come to the Palisade Lake Trail that heads south to Palisade Lake and Brinton Meadows. This trail offers a shorter return loop for those not wishing to continue to Governor Dern Lake. Palisade Lake, located 0.4 mile from the main trail is a very pretty lake with some good camping sites. 1.4 miles farther north from the junction with the Palisade Lake Trail is another shortcut trail leading to Rainbow Lake.

Go back to the main trail 4 miles further north. Governor Dern is much more open than most of the other lakes. The lake is also completely surrounded with grass and has many fine campsites. Unfortunately Governor Dern Lake is rather shallow, and the fishing is not as good as at Pine Island and some of the other lakes in the area. Pinto Lake is only 0.4 miles to the north. A primitive trail leads to Margo Lake from the north side of Pinto.

When you leave Governor Dern Lake you will be walking back to Grandaddy Lake via Rainbow Lake, Lost Lake. Bear right at the two major trail junctions near Rainbow Lake and head due south on the Hades Trail towards Lost Lake. Just before reaching Lost Lake you will notice another spur trail leading to Powell Lake, about 0.6 mile away-another possible side trip. 1.2 miles after passing Lost Lake you will arrive at the Palisade Lake Trail junction. From here it is another 1.2 miles back to Betsy Lake, from where you can retrace your steps past Grandaddy lake, over Hades Pass, and back to your car at the Grandview Trailhead.

Heart Lake-Elevation-10,500 : 5.2 miles RT : Acres-5.7 : Cutthroat.
Grandaddy Lake-Elevation-10,310 : 6.4 miles RT : Acres-170 : Depth-40 : Brook& Cutthroat.
Lodgepole Lake-Elevation-10,140 : 8.2 miles RT : Acres-20 : Depth-29 : Brook.
Fern Lake-Elevation-9,890 : 11.4 miles RT : Acres-19 : Brook
Betsy Lake-Elevation-10,350 : 7 miles RT : Acres-34 : Depth-44 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Mohawk Lake-Elevation-10,380 : 8.2 miles RT : Acres-51 : Depth-23 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Farney Lake-Elevation-10,430 : 11 miles RT : Acres-13 : Cutthroat.
Sonny Lake-Elevation-10,450 : 10.2 miles RT : Acres-5 : Cutthroat.
Marsell Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 10 miles RT : Acres-16 : Depth-50 : Cutthroat.
Fish Hatchery Lake-Elevation-10,230 : 10.6 miles RT : Acres-37 : Depth-28 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Pine Island Lake-Elevation-10,300 : 11.8 miles RT : Acres-80 : Depth-43 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Palisade Lake-Elevation-10,140 : 10.6 miles RT : Acres-23 : Depth-46 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Rainbow Lake-Elevation-9,930 : 14 miles RT : Acres-18 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Governor Dern Lake-Elevation-9,990 : 18.2 miles RT : Acres-32 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Pinto Lake-Elevation-10,020 : 16.4 miles RT : Acres-47 : Depth-35 : Brook
Margo Lake-Elevation-10,420 : 19 miles RT : Acres-11 : Depth-27 : Cutthroat.
Powell Lake-Elevation-9,980 : 12.6 miles RT : Acres-22 : Cutthroat.
Lost Lake-Elevation-10,030 : 11.6 miles RT : Acres-13 : Brook

Hells Canyon Trailhead

Toquer Lake
From Heber, take US 40 east 69 miles to Duchesne, and turn north onto UT 87 for 14 miles to Mountain Home. Follow Moon Lake Road north 4 miles to Yellowstone River Road. Follow Yellowstone River Road 4 miles to Hellís Canyon Road. Drive 7 miles up this canyon to the trailhead. 4WD is recommended. The trail is difficult to follow, just head northwest and you should find the lake without any problems. The lake has brook trout, and plenty of fire wood.

Toquer Lake-Elevation-10,470 : 6.4 miles RT : Acres-11.1 : Depth-32 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat

Highline Trailhead/Naturalist Basin

Highline TrailNaturalist BasinNaturalist BasinNaturalist Basin
34 miles from Kamas look for a sign on the east side of the road that reads Highline Trail. The trail is muddy, rocky, and heavily used. It winds east from here across the Uintas for nearly 100 miles to East Park Reservoir north of Vernal. The trail takes you south along the trail passing Scudder Lake, and Wilder Lake on your right. The first spur trail to your right takes you to Wyman Lake and Packard Lake. Wyman has Heavy timber and lily pads along the shore. There are no fires allowed at Wyman and Packard Lake. Back at the main path head east 1.2 miles to Brooks Lake on the right. The Naturalist Basin turnoff to the left 4 miles from the trailhead and Verrill Lake is on the left .5 mile before you reach the Blue-Jordan Trail junction. Blue Lake Trail heads west then north .5 mile to Morat Lakes with Blue Lake and Walcott Lake just .25 mile north of here. The Jordan Lake Trail crosses the river and heads east along Gatman Lake, Everman Lake, and turn north to the end at Jordan Lake. LeConte and Faxon Lake are north from here, and Shaler Lake is .75 mile northeast, with Hyatt Lake about 1 mile east. From the Naturalst Basin turnoff continue another 1 mile to a junction that heads into the East Fork of the Duchesne River. Stay right another 1 mile to reach Carolyn Lake. Continue past Carolyn Lake another mile to reach the Four Lakes Basin turnoff with Olga Lake just to the right. Jean Lake is 1.5 miles south with Dean Lake and Amy Lake just north, and Dale Lake, Bedground Lake, and Daynes Lake are southeast. The fishing is good and there are plenty of good campsites in the basin, but it is difficult for most people to get a good nightís sleep at this altitude. Continue another 1.5 miles to the end of the trail at Thompson Lake. This last mile is very dangerous with huge boulder hopping it is not recommended. If you twist an ankle here your going to have an awful 11 mile trek back to the trailhead. Back at the Highline Trail from the Four Lakes Basin junction continue northeast on to several more lakes if you havethe time. First you will have to hike over Rocky Sea Pass and down 1.5 staying left at the junction to Brinkley Lake on your left. Head north another mile and Black Lake will be on your right. There is a junction .5 a mile from here and another .5 mile to Ouray Lake on the left of the trail with Jill Lake and Jack Lake just a little further. Ouray Lake has great fishing anytime of the day. Using flies or spinners, especially along the east shore where the water is deeper. Before Ouray Lake you can hike north from the junction to Lightning Lake and Helen Lake. Northeast from here is Doug Lake, Boot Lake, and Reconnaissance Lake. Turn left heading east between Lightning and Helen Lake, and then south to reach Gladys Lake, Rosalie Lake, Margie Lake, and Uintah Lake.

Scudder Lake-Elevation-9,940 : 4 miles RT : Acres-4.5 : Depth-10 : Fish-None
Wilder Lake-Elevation-9,900 : 5 miles RT : Acres-3.7 : Depth-14 : Fish-Brook
Wyman Lake-Elevation-9,980 : 6.6 miles RT : Acres-6.5 : Depth-19 : Fish-Brook
Packard Lake-Elevation-9,980 : 7 miles RT : Acres-9.2 : Depth-52 : Fish-Brook
Brooks Lake-Elevation-9,720 : 8 miles RT : Acres-1 : Depth-6 : Fish-Brook
Morat Lake Lower-Elevation-10,740 : 11 miles RT : Acres-3.6 : Depth-8 : Fish-Cutthroat
Morat Lake Upper-Elevation-10,740 : 11 miles RT : Acres-5.4 : Depth-15 : Fish-Cutthroat
Blue Lake-Elevation-10,940 : 12 miles RT : Acres-19 : Depth-36 : Fish-Brook
Walcott Lake-Elevation-10,940 : 12 miles RT : Acres-7 : Depth-12 : Fish-Cutthroat
LeConte Lake-Elevation-10,920 : 12.6 miles RT : Acres-9.5 : Depth-15 : Fish-Cutthroat
Faxon Lake-Elevation-10,920 : 13 miles RT : Acres-9 : Depth-15 : Fish-None
Shaler Lake-Elevation-10,920 : 13 miles RT : Acres-13 : Depth-7 : Fish-Cutthroat
Jordan Lake-Elevation-10,660 : 11.6 miles RT : Acres-2.3 : Depth-30 : Fish-Brook
Everman Lake-Elevation-10,520 : 11 miles RT : Acres-7.8 : Depth-7 : Fish-Brook
Hyatt Lake-Elevation-10,740 : 12 miles RT : Acres-8 : Depth-10 : Fish-Brook
Gatman Lake-Elevation-10,720 : 10.5 miles RT : Acres-3.3 : Depth-6 : Fish-None
Carolyn Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 13 miles RT : Acres-5 : Depth-17 : Fish-Grayling
ľ a mile off the Highline Trail. Packed with graylings use a small fly or spinner. Great place to camp and fish the early morning hours.
Jean Lake-Elevation-10,100 : 18 miles RT : Acres-3 : Depth-25 : Fish-Cutthroat
Dean Lake-Elevation-10,755 : 18.4 miles RT : Acres-24 : Depth-44 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Amy Lake-Elevation-10,755 : 18.5 miles RT : Acres-1 : Depth-5 : Fish-None
Dale Lake-Elevation-10,700 : 18 miles RT : Acres-12.9 : Depth-25 : Fish-Brook
Daynes Lake-Elevation-10,670 : 19 miles RT : Acres-23.2 : Depth-21 : Fish-Brook & Grayling
Bedground Lake-Elevation-10,500 : 18 miles RT : Acres-2 : Depth-15 : Fish-Brook
Thompson Lake-Elevation-10,690 : 22.4 miles RT : Acres-21.2 : Depth-26 : Fish-Brook
Brinkley Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 20 miles RT : Acres-4.2 : Depth-18 : Fish-Brook
Black Lake-Elevation-10,403 : 22 miles RT : Acres-11.8 : Depth-14 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Ouray Lake-Elevation-10,380 : 24.2 miles RT : Acres-4 : Depth-6 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Jill Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 25 miles RT : Acres-3.6 : Depth-25 : Fish-Cutthroat
Jack Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 25.2 miles RT : Acres-2.7 : Depth-14 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Lightning Lake-Elevation-10,819: 25 miles RT : Acres-14.1 : Depth-23 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Helen Lake-Elevation-10,869 : 25.6 miles RT : Acres-8.4 : Depth-14 : Fish-Brook
Doug Lake-Elevation-11,060 : 29 miles RT : Acres-.9 : Depth-8 : Fish-Cutthroat
Use a #16 fly with brighter colors. Youíll catch a cutthroat on every cast.
Boot Lake-Elevation-11,096 : 29.4 miles RT : Acres-9.1 : Depth-17 : Fish-Cutthroat
Reconnaissance Lake-Elevation-11,145 : 30.8 miles RT : Acres-8.8 : Depth-30 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Gladys Lake-Elevation-10,900 : 25.6 miles RT : Acres-7.5 : Depth-6 : Fish-Brook
Rosalie Lake-Elevation-10,980 : 24.4 miles RT : Acres-7.5 : Depth-12 : Fish-Brook
Margie Lake-Elevation-10,980 : 24.6 miles RT : Acres-7.5 : Depth-11 : Fish-Brook
Uintah Lake-Elevation-10,840 : 25 miles RT : Acres-8.4 : Depth-14 : Fish-Brook

Holiday Park Trailhead

Abes Lakes
From Oakly, head east on Weber River Road all the way to Holiday Park. This trail heads south 3.5 miles to Abes Lake. After hiking 2.5 miles the trail will for to the left a couple times southeast up to the lake. Camping here is a little rocky but will offer some peace and quiet. Neil Lake is .5 mile south from here.

Abes Lake-Elevation-9,820 : 7 miles RT : Acres-21.6 : Depth-62 : Fish-Cutthroat
Neil Lake-Elevation-10,140 : 8 miles RT : Acres-1.1 : Depth-20 : Fish-Brook

Weber Canyon Trail
32.1 miles from Kamas. The trail goes to Holiday Park Trailhead

Hoop Lake Trailhead

Hoop LakeKabell LakeRound LakeFrom Mountain View, take HWY 414 east then south 20 miles through Lonetree towards Hoop Lake 9 miles to a junction and turn onto Road 058 west to Henryís Fork south 3 miles to the trailhead. Follow the trail from Hoop Lake 1 mile to Kabell Meadow. Continue south and turn left at the fork to reach Kabell Lake. There are no great campsites located at this lake. Back at the fork continue southwest and turn left at this fork heading south another 4 miles to Island Lake. To the west is Whitewall Lake, Lower Bennion Lake, and Upper Bennion Lake To the east is Round Lake, Snow Lake, Crystal Lake, and Burnt Fork Lake.

Kabell Lake-Elevation-10,348 : 10.4 miles RT : Acres-14.7 : Depth-23 : Cutthroat
Island Lake-Elevation-10,777 : 15.6 miles RT : Acres-117 : Depth-35 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Whitewall Lake-Elevation-10,900 : 16.2 miles RT : Acres-14.5 : Depth-3 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Lower Bennion Lake-Elevation-10,950 : 16.6 miles RT : Acres-7.7 : Depth-13 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Upper Bennion Lake-Elevation-10,970 : 16.8 miles RT : Acres-2 : Depth-3 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Round Lake-Elevation-10,662 : 16 miles RT : Acres-24 : Depth-40 : Fish-Cutthroat
Snow Lake-Elevation-10,550 : 17.4 miles RT : Acres-9.4 : Depth-35 : Fish-Cutthroat
Crystal Lake-Elevation-10,380 : 13.4 miles RT : Acres-5.4 : Depth-5 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Burnt Fork Lake-Elevation-10,630 : 12.2 miles RT : Acres-9.8 : Depth-25 : Fish-Cutthroat

Jackson Park Trailhead

6 Miles RT
Crow LakeCrow Lake
4WD is required. From Heber take HWY 40 east 69 miles to Duchesne. Turn north onto HWY 87 14 miles to Mountain Home. Follow Moon Lake Road 4 miles north onto Yellowstone River Road, and go another 4 miles past Hellís Canyon Road. From Center Park follow Yellowstone River Road southeast 3 miles to Road 119 5 miles to Jackson Park Road 120 3 miles to the trailhead. This hike follow the jeep road a bit and turns east .5 mile up to Crow Lake. From here the trail heads north to several other smaller lakes.

Crow Lake-Elevation-10,320 : 6 miles RT : Acres-18 : Depth-26 : Fish-Cutthroat

Kings Peak

Elevation-13,528 feet : 31.6 Miles RT
Kings PeakKings PeakKings Peak
From Mountain View, WY take HWY 410 south towards Robertson. When 410 makes a hard left in 6 miles, stay due south towards Bridger Lake Guard Station. After 12.3 miles, turn east on Forest Service Road-077 towards Henrys Fork. After another 10.7 miles, turn west for three-quarters of a mile drive to Henrys Fork Campground, and park near the trailhead. Kings Peak stands taller than any other summit in Utah, and the best time to attack this climb is usually between July and August after most of the snow has melted. There are several approaches to Kings Peak, but this one is the shortest and most popular. From Henrys Fork Campground hike 2.3 miles to a spur trail .4 mile to Alligator Lake. Continue on the main trail gaining altitude gradually for about 5.6 miles where a spur trail heads west along Sawmill Lake and Bear Lake, turn left at the junction in 1.2 miles and continue south to Grass Lake, Island Lake, From Island Lake you can reach Castle Lake heading southwest .5 mile and Blanchard Lake heading .3 mile southeast, and Cliff Lake 2 miles south. Back on the main trail continue past Henryís Fork Lake.If you're still eager to reach the summit, keep heading southeast up the switchbacks to Gunsight Pass. From the pass itís another 4.2 miles to the summit. The trail drops east into Painter Basin and climbs west to Anderson Pass from where you scramble and leap from boulder to boulder to reach the summit of Kings Peak. On your way back you can skip the spur trail and pass Dollar Lake on your way back to the trailhead.

Alligator Lake-Elevation-10,033 : 5.4 miles RT : Acres-14 : Depth-27 : Brook
There is some great fishing along the north side where the lake is deeper.
Sawmill Lake-Elevation-10,661 : 12.6 miles RT : Acres-7 : Depth-22 : Brook & Cutthroat
Bear Lake-Elevation-10,767 : 13 miles RT : Acres-17 : Depth-36 : Brook & Cutthroat
Grass Lake-Elevation-10,740 : 16 miles RT : Acres-11 : Brook & Cutthroat
Island Lake-Elevation-10,830 : 16.2 miles RT : Acres-10 : Brook & Cutthroat
Castle Lake-Elevation-11,363 : 18.4 miles RT : Acres-11 : Depth-11 : Fish-Brook
Blanchard Lake-Elevation-11,164 : 17.4 miles RT : Acres-31 : Depth-28 : Cutthroat
Less than a mile SW of Henry Fork Lake. Use a Renegade or Uinta Killer fly.
Cliff Lake-Elevation-11,443 : 20 miles RT : Acres-31 : Depth-68 : Fish-Cutthroat
Henrys Fork Lake-Elevation-10,830 : 16 miles RT : Acres-21 : Cutthroat
Dollar Lake-Elevation-10,785 : 14 miles RT : Acres-11 : Brook & Cutthroat

Lake Fork Trailhead

Lake Fork TrailLake Fork TrailMoon LakeBrown Duck Lake
From Heber, take US 40 east 69 miles to Duchesne and turn north onto UT 87 for 14 miles to Mountain Home. Drive 15 miles north up Moon Lake Road, and park in the Lakeshore area across from the Moon Lake Campground.

Brown Duck Mountain Loop
37 miles RT

The trail heads west .2 mile along the lake to Lake Fork Trail. Turn left onto the Brown Duck Trail saving you .8 mile instead of starting from the trailhead. After 1 mile the trail will merge with the Jeep Road following the road 1.3 miles before it ends and turns into a foot trail. Once you reach the junction in 4.2 miles turn right 2 miles to Atwine Lake. From here keep heading north past Mud Lake 1 mile to Clements Lake & Stewart Lake. Fishing is generally good at Clements Reservoir. South of Clements Lake are the Twin Lakes. and 1 mile north is Horseshoe Lake and Picture Lake. Follow the trail from Picture Lake back to the main path and head northeast to Three Lakes. From here head west over Cleveland Pass to Cleveland Lake. Now the trail turns southwest on Two Ponds Trail 2.1 miles to a junction. Stay left on the trail 2 more miles to another junction. Turn left here and right at the next junction to Diamond Lake, Mid Lake, Rudolph Lakes, and Horseshoe and Cabin Lake to the west. Continue southeast left at the fork to Milk Lake, Tworoose Lake, Lilly pad Lake, Kidney Lake, Island Lake, Little Dog Lake, Big Dog Lake, Brown Duck Lake, and left at the junction to Aspen Lake. Now head southeast back to the trailhead.

Moon Lake-Elevation-8,170 ft : Stocked with rainbow
Atwine Lake-Elevation-10,150 : 18 miles RT : Acres-32 : Depth-35 : Fish-Brook
Mud Lake-Elevation-10,340 : 19 miles RT : Acres-2.5 : Depth-5 : Fish-Brook
Clements Reservoir-Elevation-10,444 : 20.8 miles RT : Acres-70 : Depth-50 : Fish-Cutthroat
Fish from the damn near sunset. Campsites are heavily used leaving very little firewood.
Stewart Lake-Elevation-10,530 : 23 miles RT : Acres-9.2 : Depth-22 : Brook
Twin Lakes-Elevation-10,594 : 24 miles RT : Acres-12.9 : Depth-15 : Fish-Brook
Picture Lake-Elevation-10,731 : 34 miles RT : Acres-20 : Depth-13 : Rainbow
Hook Lake-Elevation-10,722 : 36 miles RT : Acres-24 : Depth-19 : Brook
Cleveland Lake-Elevation-11,200 : 37 miles RT : Acres-5 : Depth-15 : Fish-None
Diamond Lake-Elevation-10,230 : 18 miles RT : Acres-13 : Depth-45 : Brook & Cutthroat
Rudolph Lake #1-Elevation-10,420 : 19.6 miles RT : Acres-25.6 : Depth-46 : Brook
Rudolph Lake #2-Elevation-10,470 : 19.6 miles RT : Acres-2.9 : Depth-9 : Brook
Cabin Lake-Elevation-10,450 : 22 miles RT : Acres-4.3 : Depth-16 : Brook
Tworoose Lake-Elevation-10,310 : 22 miles RT : Acres-21.9 : Depth-37 : Fish-Cutthroat
Lily Pad Lake-Elevation-10,275 : 19 miles RT : Acres-1.4 : Depth-8 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Kidney Lake-Elevation-10,267 : 18 miles RT : Acres-190 : Depth-112 : Fish-Brook & Cutthroat
Island Lake-Elevation-10,250 : 16 miles RT : Acres-66 : Depth-48 : Brook & Cutthroat
Little Dog Lake-Elevation-10,230 : 15 miles RT : Acres-4.5 : Depth-17 : Brook
Big Dog Lake-Elevation-10,117 : 16 miles RT : Acres-6 : Depth-12 : Fish-Grayling
Brown Duck Lake-Elevation-10,186 : 14 miles RT : Acres-31 : Depth-38 : Cutthroat
Aspen Lake-Elevation-10,265 : 18 miles RT : Acres-8 : Depth-26 : Fish-Brook

Lamb Lake Trail

Lower Potter Lake
This trail heads southwest from Browne Lake and continues 6.5 miles in the same directions all the way until you reach Lamb Lakes. You make a right turn at the fork before reaching Bummer Lake, then Ram Lake is .5 mile west. .2 mile west is Lamb Lake and Ewe Lake just north. Mutton Lake is .5 mile southeast of Ram Lake. Back at the fork Potter Lake is 1 mile east and Pollen Lake is .5 mile south from there.

Bummer Lake-Elevation-10,350 : 13 miles RT : Acres-2 : Depth-6 : Brook
Ram Lake-Elevation-10,380 : 13.8 miles RT : Acres-7 : Depth-27 : Cutthroat
Lamb Lake-Elevation-10,540 : 15 miles RT : Acres-6 : Depth-10 : Cutthroat
Ewe Lake-Elevation-10,750 : 14.6 miles RT : Acres-3 : Depth-10 : Fish-None
Mutton Lake-Elevation-10,570 : 14 miles RT : Acres-4 : Depth-10 : Fish-Brook
Lower Potter Lake-Elevation-10,130 : 13 miles RT : Acres-3 : Depth-16 : Fish-Brook
Upper Potter Lake-Elevation-10,130 : 13 miles RT : Acres-21 : Depth-75 : Fish-Brook

Lilly Lake

Elevation-9,910 ft : 5.1 Acres : Brook & Rainbow
Lilly LakeLilly LakeLilly Lake
Park on the north side of HWY 150, 26.5 miles east of Kamas. Lilly Lake and Teapot Lake are right next to each other on the north side of the HWY, and Lost Lake is just south of these 2 on the other side of the road.

Lily Lake

Lily Lake TrailLily Lake TrailLily LakeLily LakeLily LakeLily Lake
From Kamas take HWY-150 47 miles to Lily Lake turnoff on your right and follow the signs from here to reach the lake. From Evanston it will be 30 miles to the turnoff on your left. I don't recommend driving a car on this trail unless you plan on destroying it. There are some nice camping spots near the northern end of the lake.

Lofty Lake Loop

3.8 Mile Loop
Lofty LakeLofty LakeLofty Lake
Drive 32 miles east of Kamas on HWY-150. Just pass Mirror Lake Campground there will be parking on the left side of the road at the Pass Lake Trailhead sign. The trailhead begins just left of the parking lot. Where a sign reads Holiday Park, Meadow Lake, and Cuberant Lake. Start by heading left, clockwise because the trail is steeper the other way around. After hiking .3 mile the turn right at the fork. After .9 mile you will reach another sign pointing you in the right direction to Kamas and Lofty Lake. The Cuberant Lakes will be to the left. After 1.5 miles from the trailhead you will be at Kamas Lake. After climbing a few switchbacks you will reach Lofty Lake in another .7 mile. Then from here the trail begins to descend 1 mile to Scout Lake and Picturesque Lake nearby.

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High Uintas

There is an entrance fee for the High Uintas unless your just driving straight thru. U-150 is closed during the winter, but groomed for cross country skiers, snowmobilers, and hikers. You will lose Cell Phone Service just before the fee station.

Arta Lake Trail

1 Mile RT
Arta Lake Trail Arta Lake Survey Lake From Salt Lake City head east on I-80 towards Park City, go past the Park City exits and take the exit for US Highway 40 (Exit #148). Follow US Highway 40 to Heber City and past Strawberry Reservoir, to the town of Duchesne. In Duchesne take a left on highway 87 and follow north for just over 15 miles to where the road takes a bend and starts heading east. Head a half a mile east from the bend and take a left onto 21000W. Go north on 2100W for 2.8 miles and take a left onto 6750N which turns into Rock Creek Road, a paved road. For the next 23 miles the road is paved as you head towards Upper Still Water Reservoir. At the 23 mile mark take a left onto South Fork Road, a dirt road. Continue up South Fork Road for just over 2 miles until you reach the road for Arta Lake. Take a right and head to the end of the road which is 4.5 miles and there is a small parking area. The hike is only .5 mile to Arta Lake, and then you can hike up a steep hill to Survey Lake, Carl Lake is southeast of both of these lakes. This is a wonderful place to visit even though fishing isnít that great at any of these places.

Arta Lake-Elevation-10,450 : 1 mile RT : Acres-5.4 : Depth-6 : Cutthroat
Survey Lake-Elevation-10,700 : 1.6 miles RT : Acres-6 : Depth-12 : Brook

Bald Mountain Trailhead/Notch Mountain Trail

Bald Mountain Trail Bald Mountain Trail Bench Lake
From Kamas take Hwy 150 east for 29.1 miles. Drive .5 mile past Bald Mountain Overlook and turn left into the parking lot near the trailhead. The trail starts climbing immediately and will have switchbacks. The end of the trail is at Bald MT Peak which is 11,943 ft. The overall length of the hike is 3 miles RT, and will give you spectacular views of several lakes and rivers. Another route from Bald Mt. trailhead is to head west which is a much easier hike. Itís pretty much the only hike that goes downhill, but you have to come back sometime. You will walk by numerous lakes, Clegg, Dean, Rieds, Notch, & turn around at Bench Lake. Donít bother fishing at Bench due to winterkill itís poor fishing. The overall length of this hike is 5.6 miles RT.

Clegg Lake-Elevation-10,460 : 3 miles RT : Acres-5 : Brook.
Dean Lake-Elevation-10,340 : 4 miles RT : Acres-12 : Brook & Cutthroat.
Reids Lake-Elevation-10,340 : 4.6 miles RT : Acres-3 : Brook.
Notch Lake-Elevation-10,300 : 4.6 miles RT : Acres-20 : Depth-58 ft : Brook.
Bench Lake-Elevation-10,260 : 5.6 miles RT : Acres-7 : Depth-10 ft : Fish-Brook.

Big Elk Lake Trail

Big Elk Lake
Drive 15 miles from Kamas on HWY 150, and the road will be on your left. There is no sign heading east, but there is a sign for cars heading west. The road is Norway Flats 035. You will need 4WD to get to the end to the road. After 6 miles from the HWY turn right at the junction. There are several junctions, so just follow the signs toward Big Elk.

Once you are parked and ready to hike Little Elk Lake will be .3 miles on the left of the trail. Continue another .8 mile to Big Elk Lake. Big Elk Lake is 2.2 miles RT, and South Erickson Lake & North Erickson Lake is about 5 miles RT. At North Erickson Lake there are huge brook that bite early in the morning. Use a bubble and fly to cast out a long distance to the center where the lake is deep, it is shallow along the shoreline.

Little Elk Lake-Elevation-9,780 : 1 miles RT : Acres-13 : Depth-31 ft : Fish-None.
Big Elk Lake-Elevation-10,020 : 2.2 miles RT : Acres-43 : Depth-110 ft : Brook & Cutthroat.

South Erickson Lake-Elevation-10,100 : 5 miles RT : Acres-10 : Brook.
North Erickson Lake-Elevation-10,020 : 5.6 miles RT : Acres-9 : Brook.

Blanchett Park

From Vernal, drive west 15 miles to LaPoint, and turn north onto Road 104. Drive another 30 miles to Paradise Park. 4WD is recommended to drive the extra 4 miles north to Blanchett Park. The trail heads northwest and you'll reach Kibah Lakes after 1.3 miles. You will reach East Kibah 1st then Finger Kibah just south from there, and Island Kibah lies just north, and North Kibah is 1 mile northwest. West Kibah Lake is .5 mile west. From the trailhead heading north takes you 5 miles to Deadman Lake, and Blue Lake is 1.5 miles southeast from there. Moap Lake is a mile south from Blue Lake.

East Kibah Lake-Elevation-10,495 : 2.6 miles RT : Acres-2.9 : Depth-12 : Rainbow & Brook
Finger Kibah Lake-Elevation-10,515 : 2.6 miles RT : Acres-4.7 : Depth-9 : Brook
Island Kibah-Elevation-10,540 : 3 miles RT : Acres-8 : Depth-14 : Brook
West Kibah Lake-Elevation-10,580 : 3.6 miles RT : Acres-7.8 : Depth-15 : Brook
North Kibah-Elevation-10,750 : 4 miles RT : Acres-4.5 : Depth-12 : Fish-None
Deadman Lake-Elevation-10,790 : 10 miles RT : Acres-7 : Depth-9 : Brook & Cutthroat
Blue Lake-Elevation-11,160 : 13.6 miles RT : Acres-6.5 : Depth-16 : Brook
Moap Lake-Elevation-10,740 : 6 miles RT : Acres-2.7 : Depth-5 : Fish-None

Bridger Lake

GPS-N.40.57.742-W.110.23.304 : Elevation-9,364 ft : 27 Acres : Depth Maximum-15 ft : Mean-13 ft
From Mountain View, WY, take HWY 410 south to Forest Road 072 for 7.9 miles. Turn left onto FR126 for a short distance to the campground. Bridger Lake is 2 miles south of the Wyoming State Line. Located at the lake is the Bridger Lake Guard Station and the Bridger Lake Campground on the west shore. Fishing is popular, and there is a concrete boat ramp for launching small boats. There is a 5 hp restriction on motors used on the lake. The Bridger Lake campsites have a fire pit, barbeque grill, and drinking water. User fees are charged. There is a nice maintained path that circles the lake and another hiking trail that heads up the canyon from the northeast end of the lake.

Brown Duck Lake Trail

14-20 Miles RT
Brown Duck Trail Brown Duck Trail Brown Duck Trail Brown Duck Trail